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University of Glasgow Funding Positions

The University of Glasgow James Watt School of Engineering is offering funding for a 3.5-year PhD project titled “Simulation-augmented mechanical characterisation of cells.” The project focuses on mechanobiology, exploring how mechanical forces impact the responses of cells, tissues, and organs in areas such as development, differentiation, and disease. Funding: Successful candidates will receive a scholarship […]

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Eindhoven University of Technology Scholarships

Eindhoven University of Technology is offering doctoral degree scholarships in Artificial Intelligence. The project focuses on addressing challenges in solving real-life supply chain planning problems, specifically dealing with increasing scale and uncertainty, and improving the understanding and trust of generated plans by human planners. Advances in OR have led to a broad industrial adoption of […]

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Lund University Post Doctoral Position in Technology and Society

The Department of Technology and Society at Lund University offers a Post Doctoral Position in the Division of Environmental and Energy Systems Studies (EESS). This position is part of the Sparbanken Sk√•ne Centre for Sustainable Enterprising (SSCEN), a collaborative initiative between the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Economics and Management. The research focus […]

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