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    Alone, Kimberly just sat there, dressed in blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and a pair of black high-heeled boots covering her feet, the pants cuffs going over the footwears upper part. With her dark mane raised to the top of her classic looking head, beautiful Kim listened on and on as her stereo played a piece from Wagner, the prelude to Parsifal, an opera that turned her on; Wagners music especially doing something for her, its notes and measures having a gothic like quiescence, something which went well with her arcane and mysterious disposition. I quickly learnt just how much she enjoyed being licked and teased and thrived on the challenge of pleasuring her with my tongue and lips. She appeared to have more erogenous zones than three other women combined. Licking and kissing her nipples her rock hard nipples would have her moaning with pleasure instantly. When driving in the motor car she often wore tight slacks and just a light touch from me between her legs would have her moaning and telling me, That is turning me on. The first time we made love was after an alcohol affected lunch and the sex was below par. The next time was awe inspiring. okay lets begin with the details. I am 16 years old about 6 foot tall and a average weight about 75kg oh and my name is frank (i know it is a off name theses days) It was the end of summer holidays andi was coming back from thedonna kebab shop when i saw the girl that was in my geography class and i secretly liked her. Her name is brenda she is about 5 foot 7 inches and she was on the slim side but not too much her tits are not the biggest in the school but still well looked good on her.
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    Continuing directly from the end of Chapter 2. Thank you all for your comments and critiques. :) G.G. cries through broken sobs. Anger and sadness paint my features as I look at her. Silently willing her to tell me why. To give me some sort of explanation of how Ashley is ok, of how shes just sleeping. I hear a small whimpering and I realize its coming from me and I start to cry fresh tears. What is your name? I ask her, a steely calm coating my voice, in spite of the tears flowing from my eyes. Sam and his three hockey teammates had been at the bar for over three hours.Tabitha with her friend Dawn entered and sat down at a table nearby.Neither Sam nor Tabitha knew each other, but that was about to change. Dawn, an artwork of beauty, passed by the table, flicking her long dark brown hair over her shoulder.All four sitting at a round table nearby forward tilted their heads to get a glance of her tight curvy ass cheeks snuggling inside her full length denim jeans.Bobs eyes fixating on her long legs right down to her gold sequin shoes.Steve panting and thinking of what shes wearing underneath, if anything. When I was sixteen years old, one my dads old drinking buddies said to me, one day, Son, you probably dont realise it now, but these are the best years of your life. Once you finish school, its all downhill from there. Mark my words on that. My heart kind of sank when he told me that, and I thought, You mean, this is as good as it gets?
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    Richard was impressed by how they all came together and tried to figure out the perfect one and he realized that the class was a pretty close knit group of friends. He figured there was no way he was going to fit in with them quickly and he began to have flashbacks of when he was at his own school and always left out of everything that happened. After a minute the girls walked back to their seats and a single girl in the very front row remained standing, her hand raised and a triumphant smile on her face. It seemed they had agreed her question was the most important and given her the go... Cindy and I were both very young and new to sex when we met in the army, both in our 20s, but very horny.After going out for a few months, and her having the episode with her first black man, I was worried she might become hooked to black dick since I was being shipped out to Korea and she would be alone for at least 8 months, knowing she would be horny.I was realistic about the situation, as after all I wasnt just sitting around either.When we got back together she told me about some of her episodes, and I found out more later.Turns out she was very busy and popular with the brothers back there.This is how she related some of her stories to me.I will try and be as accurate as possible, though I do tend to embellish sometimes, but these are basically her words: She looked down at my cock slightly rocking back and forth then she looked up and our eyes met, "Yeah, I think you like", she said. Pulling her nightie off over her head and tossing it to the floor she crawled higher, turned around and positioned herself for a 69. She took my meat deep into her mouth as I pulled her to my face. I reached out to tease her with my tongue and gave her little flicks up and down her slit. She started taking me in deeper then pulled me back out, sucked hard on my head then plunging back down throating me. She then begun to flex her hips in the typical fuck...
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    Im imagining you laying here next to me on my soft satin sheets. Youre wearing your favorite green top with the spaghetti straps and the matching skirt. We start to kiss, small timid kisses at first then growing to deep open mouthed kisses as our hands roam all over each others bodies. Your hand finds my cock and begins to stroke it through the thin material of my slacks. My hand slides between your thighs as my tongue slips into your mouth. Our tongues entwine around each other as we search each others mouths. Finally, I cant take any more and I need to move on. For a while she was aware of little but the pleasure building inside her, the steady rhythm of the man in her mouth, the distant grunting and wet noises as presumably this scene played out around the room. Then she became aware of a warm, almost tingling sensation and her mind drifted as she became incredibly relaxed. She began to feel almost like she was sleepwalking or in a deep fog, while also being fully aware of the goings on around her, the tingles in her body shooting directly to her crotch like a lightning rod being the only thing keeping her grounded.The man in her mouth buried... Mr. Woodburn described our office arrangement. She was delighted. “You are such a sexy woman, Tina. I can’t wait for tonight.” She rose from the chair, bent over me and kissed me on the lips of my upturned, expectant face. She then winked at Mr. Woodburn as she moved to the door. With her hand on the knob, “I will leave you to continue with what I am sure is quite erotic.” She was smiling as she walked out. I was imagining what our dinner date tonight would be like and I had a strong sense it would end up at my condo.
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    I was coming out of the tiny shower of the suite at 11:45, rushing in the hopes Tom Edwards, the First Officer, might be hanging around the hallway outside “just in case”. Without bothering with underwear, I slip on the summer dress I had worn previously, sandals, and quickly brushed my hair. I opened the door to find Tom nervously pacing just down the hall from my suite. Without any more hesitation, she wrapped her lips around his meat, massaging the tip with her tongue. Evan sighed, placing his hand gently on the back of her head encouragingly. Rachel came out of her shell, drooling on his shaft, sporadically deep-throating as much of him as she could with her hands on his thighs. The sloppy sounds of her sucking were music to his ears along with her moaning more than he was; she really did want to suck his cock, he realized. Neither had noticed nor cared that the door to the apartment was still wide open while she fellated him a few feet away. August 15th - Doctor Davis has asked me to take over a couple of his patients while he honeymoons in Paris. It was a beautiful wedding, tastefully done. While Chris and I have had our ups and downs, I think Beverly will be good for him. Tall and statuesque, and just dumb enough not to argue too much. That was one of our downfalls, neither one of us could admit to being wrong. We could get past that, even laugh about it, as friends. As more than that...not so much. So, he moved on and found her and I have Ted. When hes in town and when Im not too wrapped up in my own work. Still, he fits what I need, when I need it..almost. Anyway, so I have two new patients to look after for the next couple of months (yes, Months! Sometimes I really hate him!). Im expecting his office to send me the details later this week.
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    I thought she was beautiful as I stood there peeking in through the window.Yes, she was beautiful as she stood there in front of the mirror naked, fondling her small firm breasts, pinching her cute stiff nipples with one hand, her other hand rubbing her hot pussy slit, tickling her clitoris and slipping her small finger up into her tight pussy opening. I stood there watching as she took herself to a peak then over the edge, her body spasming and jerking as she took herself to orgasm. I knew right then and there I was going to fuck that girl and give her the real pleasure I was sure she was fantasizing about when she finger fucked herself to an orgasm. Yes, I was going to slip my large stiff cock right up into that little, I believed, virginal cunt of hers taking her virginity and fucking her until she orgasmed like I was sure she was dreaming of. I slipped into the house and going to her bedroom door which was also open just a crack. She was home alone her mother having gone to a meeting with a friend of hers, and would be gone until almost midnight. I was sure that would give me the time to enjoy her cunt giving her the pleasure that she would keep coming back to me for. Summertime in Phoenix sucks!! Let me tell you unless you have a pool your summers will be full of boredom! The house I grew up in had a older style pool. Wasnt the beautiful pools we see now but it was something. My name is Alexandra but I go by Alex Allie or Al. I was excited summer had finally come and I could stay home and relax. My best friend Kate comes over all of the time. On a hot Monday she came over so we could swim in my pool. At the time I remember I was a little jealous of Kate because she was super skinny had a nice body. Anyways we head upstairs to my room to put on our bathing suits. Kate and I have never been shy around each other. At least my boobs were bigger than hers. As we get undressed i glance over at Kate looking at her from head to toe. I never knew why my pussy was just a little slit and the only way I can describe hers was meaty. She had what looked like an overgrown clit hood. So there I was still shaking and standing between Johns legs with my hands on his knees and him sitting there with no pants on still catching our breath when we hear someone yell John and a flashlight comes our way. Im sure we looked like deer in the headlights when the flashlight hits us and didnt move. John! What the? Who is this? as his pace picked up and he got closer to us.Uhh, Steven umm uh John replied We send you for firewood and you get some action in. Lucky Bastard. Im Steven he said to me, not sure if we shake hands or what to do in a situation like this. Im still speechless and he says what are you wearing dude? Thats hot. I introduced myself and grabbed my beer and took a big long swig. Im Scott and yeah I come out here for privacy so I can crossdress. I guess I got caught... again. I stepped back out from between Johns legs and stepped back over the bench.
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    She got fucked multiple times by Vijay kumarbut Again this time too the result was same ZERO. Her sister who is oldertoZeenatby one year (24)Salmadelivered a cute baby girl. Since They were staying inHyderabadit was difficult for her to manage workduring her pregnancy and thereafter the baby. So she called her to stay with her for 6 months.Her Husband salman also permitted her to stay there and told her when ever He will be in town he will too come there and stay with them. Although married herself, Zeenat was doing joband Shetooka 1 year break for her sister . Also, her husband keeps ontraveling as hefocussed more into increasing his business. So She had no worries about moving into her house for 6 months. In fact She was happy that She will get more time to spend with her sisterand her niece. So She packed her bags and moved to her place on a Saturday. Sam, a senior marketing executive at a major bank, navigates through the crowded train platform.Sam is a 32 year old busty brunette with stunning green eyes and long, sensual lashes. Thanks to her assets, she pushes past hundreds of bodies to finally get onto her train and make her way home for the evening without much trouble. By the time everyone has shoved their way into the carriage, Sam is right in the centre of the throng, with barely any room to move.At this time of night, she knows shell be stuck in this spot for at least the next 30 minutes before her stop. She still remembers the first time she saw him. The very delayed 10.06 train to Manchester. Delayed because of a technical fault. Apparently. She stood on the platform, impatiently waiting to see if she could *finally* go home to see her mother for the first time in months. Shed been so busy with work and was having a lot of issues with her boyfriend, she barely had time to arrange some downtime and seeing her family.
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    Ill always start by asking her to put her tongue inside me; I dont mind sucking on it. I love French kissing! Id suck gently of course. Its definitely important to a find a good kissing routine! Surprise her, do more then she could imagine when it comes to romance. Id work my tongue against her neck, licking it and gently kissing it! Everything above her waist can be pleasured while rubbingyour hand between her legs. While working her neck, Its nice to tease her and somewhat tempt her. If she had little cute breasts, Id want to suck on them, so Ill ask her really nicely! And kiss her body, slowly up and up, explore things you havent before. Usually, I spend quite some time working on her cleavage, before actually kissing the center. When I met the person that I wanted to spend my life with I never expected that it would be before I left school, someone older, who was married and least of all a woman. When I left England with my mother at the age of 16 to live in Italy in an attempt to help me with the problems I acquired when my parents divorced. I never thought it would be the best decision of my life. My wife was going to get her annual complete physical. She had never seen this doctor before. We just found him in the local listings. We were both very excited as we waited in his exam room. My wife was terrified. She hated doctor exams. They are hugely embarrassing and humiliating and often painful for her. I could see the fear on her face as we waited and waited. After a forty-five minute wait because the doctor had some sort of emergency he had to deal with, the door opened and the doctor came in. The long wait and the anticipation made us both as wound up as people can be. Every nerve in my body felt electric. And then...
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    I first met Selena at a party one night. I was sitting on the back deck with some friends when she walked through the doorway. Her beautiful long blonde hair was the first thing that caught my attention from the corner of my eye. She was the most stunning woman I had seen. Her beautiful smile, petite body and perfect ass. She wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans.Our eyes immediately made contact first thing and she smiled at me. I just got this vibe come over me Ive never felt before or since. It was not really a sexual vibe but I was instantly hard when I first saw her and kept having to adjust myself discreetly while watching her. Jolene felt a burning sensation directly above her left nipple.It was a quick heat followed by a dull throb.It moved across her chest and ended just above her right nipple.She knew better than to cry out, or make any noise more than a low moan. Well as I was checking out the bank lines and waiting for Mark to return I reflected on just what had happened.I would have never imagined the feelings I had at that moment.I didnt know if I was gay or what but I couldnt deny that what me and Mark had done was probably the greatest thing I have ever done in my short life.As I sat there nursing my beer I relived the feeling of Marks cock in my mouth, hard yet velvety at the same time.And then the way Mark took me in the ass for the first time of my life.What ever happened next I knew that this would always be a time that I would remember for the rest of my life.
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    No embellishment, no exaggeration, and no fictional component.It had been a while since I’d seen Jim. We didn’t talk as much as we used to. We used to hook up as teenagers. Have a few beers, get naked. Mostly teenage experiments. We’d got chatting online, and out of the blue he said to me "I want to come see you, it’s been too long".I wasn’t sure, but he was right, it had been a long time. He’d always had a certain hold over me. I can’t explain it. But as a teenager, he’d always loved coming all over my face, cleaning it off with my panties, then making me wear them. Just that certain... Don’t hurry! Take your time to enjoy the sense of sight, feel, and smell before rushing into the taste. Personally, I wouldn’t put my mouth "there" or even my face in someone’s ass, but I’m all into having guys so-possessed do it to me. If they want to do that with their mouth then why would I say "no"? I know that sounds ridiculously selfish, but it is a fact that some guys can’t wait to put their faces, mouths, and especially their tongues back there. But, it can all go south quickly if the guy rushes things.The point is for you to take your time with each stage. If it takes a half hour... I was doing well with the telephone and alarm company I was partnered in with Rich. Now that I was a partner, I had real incentive for the company to do well. Rich and I spent a lot of time and energy together expanding the business, especially when we ventured into the security field. We had always been friends, but now we were best friends. I saw more of Rich than anyone else. When we were not side by side at work, we were socializing together at night.Rich and I were thoroughly enjoying our newfound prosperity. We drove the same cars, bought the same electronic goodies and basically...
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    I announced dinner was ready and we went to the table. Jason was a gentleman as he pulled out my chair and as I began to sit, he rubbed my ass. Jason and Bob couldn’t complement me enough about the dinner. Jason then turned to Bob and asked, "Bob, are you sure, you know what I will do to your wife"? Bob was smiling as he said, "Yes, I want sandy to enjoy her first black man. You have my permission, better yet, I insist you use her body".As we were getting up and going toward the living room, Bob leaned in to my ear and said, "Go the our bedroom and get your present". I had a quizzical look... Her lipsmoved over the cock shaft, pulling the organ inexorably deeper anddeeper into her mouth. She felt the bulbous head slide over her welllubricated tongue, then stop momentarily at the top of her throat. Shecraned her head to look up at the man. This action also had the resultof straightening the path the cock was taking. She paused. "Go ahead. All the way down. I know you can do it. I want tofeel your tonsils at the tip," the man said. Rhonda snorted in a breath of air through her nose, andpushed. The head rammed the back of her throat, then slipped down pastthe... "I’m at the same level as most people.""Most people don’t spew out mana as you do. What is your level?" she asked again.He hated when women talked to him this way. Why should he have to tell her anything simply because she asked? She was nothing but a stranger to him.He brought out the sarcasm. "Hey, my name is Axel. What’s yours?""Ava. I have watched you fight for a month now."Axel hadn’t seen her watching him!"You should be close to level three but fight like a level one.""Ava. Pretty name. Pleased to meet you too." He got up and walked over to her with an extended hand, trying...
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    I didnt drink, do drugs, or have sex. My biggest rebellion was street racing and smoking an occasional cigarette. I grew up going to private schools all my life, but there were still some wild things going on, but I always just didnt participate in them. I dated the same girl for most of my highschool career and boy was I lucky. She was one of the hottest girls in school and very popular, but she wanted to wait until marriage. We pushed the boundaries of that promise with things like oral and dry humping but she wouldnt ever let me go all the way. I had offers from other girls but i stayed... Alex whimpered in frustrating disappointment. She heard Dawn giggle before she kissed Alex’s blushing cheek. Alex opened her eyes to see a snickering Dawn, lingering above her. It wasn’t fair. She’d done everything that was asked of her. She’d given everything she had to give. She spread her legs. And this was how she was going to be treated? She was just about ready to throw Dawn off her and finish the job herself. And then Dawn kissed her.Time didn’t stop. It stretched. It yawned. It lingered on the kiss that connected them. It was tender and forceful and understanding and apologetic and... Now she felt really out of her depth. She knew she should ask them to stop there and then, thank them for delivering her furniture and ask them to leave. At the same time she couldn’t help admiring their lean muscled torsos, and wondering what was under their tight jeans.She sensed that she wouldn’t have to wait long to find out as they started to grope each other through the denim material, and run their hands over their mates abs and chest. Ursula couldn’t believe how much this spectacle was turning her on. Half an hour earlier she would have thought the idea of two men having any sort...
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    I was now easier for me to reach under and from years of experience I was able to pull her knickers aside and allow access to her rapidly moistening hole. My thumb found her clit straight away and using my first two fingers I pushed under parting her lips as I did until they found her entrance and easily disappeared inside each side of my fingers rubbing down the side of her entrance making Emma groan loudly, albeit muffled by my cock still lodged in her throat.For the next five minutes we mutually stimulated each other at a frantic pace, me pleasuring her with my left hand; using my thumb... "A-ah! Sister!" he cried out, biting his lip and tossing his head back as his cock started to pulse. His sticky white seed shot into her palm and she could feel it glue to her in hot ropes, the strands webbing her fingers together as she caught his load. He panted and squirmed to her ministrations as her hand moved around to under his cock, stroking every drop she could from him into the palm of her hand where gravity pooled it in the center. With the pleasure overpowering his mind and his spent cock still throbbing in her hand he raised his head, looking down the length of his body to... I found a condom and showed it to her. She blushed a little and smiled. I looked at her and I knew before she would say it what she would have said."After the day we met I’m on the pill, but thank you for thinking it.""I was late though, I said. My passion overtook my brains.""Still you didn’t cum yet.""I have the stamina of a bull, I said smiling. On your knees, I ordered her."She smiled back and bent. I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it in her sweet pussy. When my entire shaft was in, I grabbed her breasts with one hand and her clit with the other. I started pushing...
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    Phillip finished his shower and by the end of it gills had fully appeared on his next, his skin became covered in translucent scales and his hands and feet webbed completely. He turned off the shower and stepped out. He dabbed his skin, the towel catching on his coarse skin. He had gone through so many towels since coming here. After drying himself somewhat, Phillip stepped forward in front of the mirror and watched himself morph back into his human form. Once he was completely ‘normal’ he finished drying off and wrapped the towel around his waist.Phillip finished getting ready for the day... So very gently he undid her shirt buttons and pushed it of her naked shoulders, exposing her very young, touching 21 curvy solid meat breasts decorated with the most perfect and erect nipples. The force of his bright black eyes was making Bev to tremble as he licked her lips and bent down to take her nipple in his mouth once again, licking and sucking them both one by one. Beverly simply could not undergo much more and her pussy got cajoling and erupting with a lot of force and energy. She moaned very quietly and also squeezed her legs together to hide a very big wet spot on her very shrill... I was born in December 1975 and now have a 34AA–24–35 95-pound figure with blondish hair. In 1998 I quit my boring existence in a little town in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a middle-aged man in the East Midlands of England. It was a brave decision to make as I’d applied for the job after seeing the job advert in a BDSM magazine that someone had left in the hairdressers where I worked. I didn’t really know what I was letting myself in for, but I really did need to do something because my life was so drab and boring. Even the interview for the job was unbelievable, but I...
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    He had a house clearance job to do in a high-rise block of apartments in the centre of town. A dumpster had been delivered that morning to put all the rubbish in, but it was already half full with someone else’s unwanted items. It was going to be a long and exhausting job, he thought, working on the thirteenth floor and with none of the elevators working, he would have to transport everything down the never-ending, narrow stairwells to the ground floor. Michael began the long steep climb up the apartment block, stopping at every third level to catch his breath. By the time he reached the tenth... I had just kissed her goodbye and watched her leave. My heart felt sadness to see her drive away. I told myself I think she will be back as I went on into the cabin. I cleaned up from breakfast and went upstairs. I could still smell our sexual essence in the air. I looked over at my bed and it seemed so empty. Then it occurred to me that it was made. I didn’t remember making it before we went down for breakfast. I wanted to keep the sheets the way they were, but also knew I hoped that she would be coming back soon, maybe even tonight. I decided to change the sheets so I pulled the quilt back... Before I knew it, I found myself in my mid 40’s, single and free to embrace whatever might come my way. A few years later I left my high-level management position to work for a small tech startup that was introducing a new technology to the media business. This took me to all corners of the US demonstrating the system. Often, in smaller cities and towns I would only have a single appointment and I would find myself with free time either in that town or while traveling to the next one. Around this time I discovered a website that was basically all about hooking up. Sure, plenty of women made...
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    A quick recap, but I really recommend reading the first story as it may seem confusing....In the first story we I told you about Kelly and Jennifer, they split up after Jennifer purposely hurt her by fucking her brother, breaking her heart....Now, flashback to the first time they met eachother at Kellys front door. Im in the process of telling you how Kelly and Jennifer behaved as a couple and, eventually, Ill tell you why Jennifer was so mean....enjoy the second part. so this is a true story about my step sister. whos fucking hot as hell by the way. i know alot of guys wish they could have there step sisters...well i did. it started a very dull and boring day. all of us kids were playing outside like any normal day while the parents were out shopping or what ever they do. we were all havin a water balloon fight and that was when i noticed my step sister for the first time. a little bout her her name is brandi and omg is she sexy. nice slim athletic build b cup boobs and a nice ass to match. at that moment she was a goddess in my eyes. i didnt wanna take my eyes off her but i knew if i kept staring at her she would notice and plus my dick was already starting to get erect. so i stopped staring and ran inside so i could take care of myself in the bathroom. Anyway, I was lying there, dream-thinking, and I suddenly remembered a time when my Aunt and Uncle were giving about five or six of us a bath. I dont remember who else was in the tub, but I do remember that it was Uncle Bob who was washing me. I think I was maybe ten or maybe eleven. But what I DO remember was his soapy hand slipping between my legs, and his finger sliding inside my body down there. I remember saying Uncle Bob, that feels FUNNY! and then laughing. And I remember him saying Thats your little pussy, Daphne, and some day Ill fuck that little pussy for you. Then my Aunt reached out and slapped him on the arm and said I was way too young yet and to leave me alone. He just looked at me and smiled and gave me a big wink.
  54. JeffreydetEW

    2021-09-27 09:47:44
    Now Open For Business When I went to work on Brendas garden one morning there was a strange car in the driveway. This was a car I had seen somewhere before. I put it out of my mind and went about my chores weeding a flowerbed.As usual I was wearing my special ‘gardeners uniform, a pair of cut off jeans, no shirt just the shorts. I wore no underwear either because that was the way my ‘client wanted me. My name is Rudy and my homie Max has this banging sister, her names Sarah. Shes about 411 with big ol jugs for breast and and a decent sized ass. When she really started catching my attention was when I got expelled and had to go to a charter school. Her parents had agreed for me to be dropped off at theyre house in the mornings so I can walk to school from there I spent about 1 hour there every morning. But sometimes Sarah would open the door for me. And shed always be in her pajamas without a bra and some tight shorts that showed half her ass. I am Mike, 16, I do the normal things a teenage guy does, video games, hanging out with friends, sports, no girl friend fanaticize about sex.And noI have not really been on a date yet. I guess you could classify me as a jock, just not the baseball, football or basketball type. I did like cross country and really liked the long distance runs we had to do.Most of the other guys on the team hated running anything over 6 or 8 miles. Me, I felt I was just getting started at 6. It didnt matter if it was spring or winter season. It was just great to be outside. So I was definitely in shape but not muscular.
  55. AndrewExamiPD

    2021-09-27 11:01:19
    Marcia and Ted were into their favorite bar on a Friday night, drinking and dancing to a local rock band.Two of their friends, Larry and Joan, walked in and joined them.The two couples drank well into the night and when the bar closed down, Marcia and Ted suggested that they continue the party at their house. Ted turned on more rock music at the house and asked if Larry and Joan would like to smoke some weed to keep the party going.The four of them sat around and got high and eventually, the topic of conversation turned to sex. This is another of the older stories from my Lust journal (its a red journal, so my nom de plume is RedLust). Its about 2 years old and I did have to expand it for the contest. It isnt so much a story as a scene, just a little glimpse of one sexual act. Like many of the things I wrote back then it is in second person (meaning: you); and that is not to everyones taste, I know, but it seemed to fit the contests requirement of anonymity. The next morning Ryan woke to the definite sensation of something warm, wet, and wrapped around his hard and throbbingcock. Peeking under the covers his curiosity was rewarded with the deliriously sexy sight of Patty sucking him while she was in a state of pleasure and happiness. Mind you, if hed taken the time to look, he could have figured it out by the up and down motion of the covers, or by the air movement that her bobbing created. But just that lustful sight was worth the effort of his exploration.
  56. GregorymewWF

    2021-09-27 12:15:34
    The air conditioner on my old Honda Prelude had died along with the radio, and now I was soaking in the last breaths of the cold air. Just before the temperature in that hot box became unbearable, a pale girl on a bicycle appeared, my salvation. Jesus Tabitha, you said youd be home 2 hours ago. Im gonna need a jump now, I complained as I slammed my car door. Well, the skinny red head started, locking her pink mountain bike to the rack, that is what youre here for isnt it? I gave only an amiable smile as the double entendre wouldnt dawn on me for another moment. Well where the heck have you been? This is my first story hoped you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I appreciate any compliments and/or tips. Tell me if you want me to continue this story. Thanks <3 Every day was different when working at the police station, but Carol was still taken aback by what she discovered when she walked into work. She was surprised when she walked into the main area to be greeted by the chief inspector Stan, who was standing next to a woman of early 30s, wearing a red latex outfit that showed an ample amount of her cleavage, which Carol could only guess was DD. My 4 p.m. Timberlake spin class is about to start and all I can think about is the path my life has taken. I, Benjamin, a once bad-boy with a fetish for bees used to brothel hop and go to matinees alone to use only the most buttery of popcorn to relieve myself in times when my flesh light was stolen. It wasnt until I hit rock bottom half way through what I thought was flight of the bumblebees, when I realized I was masturbating to Akeelah and the Bee and tearing up along with Laurence Fishburne as Akeelah correctly spells logorrhea, when I decided to turn my life around. Trading matinees for daily spin classes, I have devoted my life to healthy eating, exercise and the LA lifestyle. Although my life is now back on track I cant help but have cravings for large breasts, dripping pussies, and holding my cock watching it blow with the force of one thousand fire hydrants – now thats some good shit.
  57. MichaelUntorGR

    2021-09-27 13:35:19
    Its hard to pinpoint exactly when it dawned upon me for the first time, but I think it was as I was relaxing in the hot tub room with Melia after I had fucked her for the first time. The realization hit me; I was essentially a god here in this primitive age of 2015. And, if I were to confine my time travels to the past from 2015, nothing could stop me from doing as I wanted. I had three beautiful women with me on board my all powerful craft, time was on my side- the technology given to me by the Jogany meant that I would not age for a couple of thousand years. My dad and I had always been close in what some people would call an odd way. My mom passed away when I was 3 so dad basically raised me by himself. Growing up we did everything together. Cuddled (sometimes he would be naked) and watched sports, went to games, he would give me baths, and some other stuff. But as I got older I noticed how dad would start to look at me more and more and for longer amounts of time. Anya lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling of her moderately-sized dorm room. Her digital alarm clocks LCD display burned a crisp 4:05 AM in the darkness. In two hours and a half she would have to go to class. Her music player was still operating, singing out Pink Floyds later, more ambient sounds. In her head, she went over all the homework she had and every project due withing the next three weeks. Everything was according to schedule. She continued to stare, thinking about how she would make the most of the first weekend her roommate, Tara, was gone.
  58. StephenPlebyMY

    2021-09-27 14:49:55
    I tried so hard to remember what had gotten me here.Could it have happened that first night in the movie theatre?Could it have been when he was fucking me?Could it have been in the theatre today?These are all questions that went through my head. The first night we went to the movies turned out to be a most memorable one.My Daddy wanted a blow job.He didnt care who was around, or if they saw, he only wanted to release and release he did.He unzipped his pants and pulled them down away from his cock then took his hand and wrapped it around the back of my neck. God I need a cigarette! I gasped as I collapsed, exhausted, at the top of the small mountain my team had just hiked up in the Lake District. Youre supposed to be setting us a good example. Khalid laughed as he flopped down next to me quickly followed by his two schoolmates. Fu…To Hell with that! I laughed, I deserve one after a walk like that. Still laughing at me puffing and panting the boys whispered something, then Khalid turned to me and asked nervously; Do you really want a smoke? I just dont understand what happened? Jax spoke to Tyler as they rode in the front of the bus on their way back to gray rock. They continued the discussion as the boys complained about not getting to see the girls and such. The whole bus ride back was noisy. As the bus pulled into the parking lot and the cadets made their way back to the dorms Jax and Tyler made their way to the armory to check in their weapons. Jax spoke as they walked I know you dont agree with all the behind the scenes stuff he motioned with his fingers as if quoting. But I also have seen how you look and act around that cadet…whats his name…max.
  59. VancelaRBN

    2021-09-27 16:04:11
    Thanks.Youre that nice man who works at rearranging stuff in the store so people cant find anything. I laughed and said, Im just doing my job. I know you are.I couldnt help but to notice you, because you are a nice guy and all.I dont usually do anything like this; honestly, Ive never done anything like this.Would you come to my place for the night?Its been a long time since Ive been with a man, and to be honest, Im really lonely.And no, Im not a psycho or have any diseases.. This is a story based off of one of my friends and I. He is my best friend in the entire world. I wouldnt trade what we have for anything. Adam is my best friend. He is about 63 and is kind of tan considering its always cold here. Hes skinny but has a lot of muscle. He is the star player on our schools basketball and baseball teams. He is so super nice to everyone and is very smart. Hes in a lot of my classes. Hes kind of shy and quiet too. After he slowly pulled out of me, I turned around and took him in my arms, kissing him fiercely. “A magnificent fuck, Tina.” He stroked my cheek with the backs of his fingers, kissed me, then with his lips brushing mine, “After we fuck, I want you to clean my cock of our juices.” I blushed but smiled as I slid down to my knees with his now softening cock in front of my face. Yes, so much to experience.
  60. CarlosacoubNH

    2021-09-27 17:22:41
    Samantha was a total and complete knockout, a perfect ten, and in today’s language a MILF. In other words Samantha was a fucking wet dream. If she was coming with us I wanted to go to a water park, a nude beach, or a long walk in a warm light rain. Well the nude beach was out of the question and the warm summer rain only happened once but it was a memory that would last for a lifetime. Samantha’s white T-shirt and white bra got soaked, right to her skin. That bra was not very thick and did nothing to hide her dark areolas and hard nipples. Her tight yellow shorts got wet too. Her pink thong panties became visible and her dark pubic hair did too. It was the most erotic thing that I had ever seen. I lusted after her that day and ever since. You wanted to see me, Sir? I was two steps into his office, my suit jacket sliding down my arms as I walked to my location between the chairs in front of his desk. “Something has come to my attention that might be interesting.” It wasn’t normal for him to blurt out what was on his mind when I was summoned to his office. We had established something of a protocol of how this was to work. It was akin to a tribal ritual of exchanging pleasant conversation prior to entering into serious exchange, a ritual intended to maintain civility and peace and calm prior to any interaction. I had thought ours was the same, though it had never been expressed or defined. I undressed and he sat back in his chair to enjoy it prior to entering into any business. “How may I satisfy you best, Sirs? In my mouth or … perhaps my pussy? One at a time or together?” Nothing was said for a moment, so I interjected my own thought, “May I suggest?” They numbly nodded. “Let’s do both at the same time. Mr. Wilson, if you’ll lay yourself against the headboard …” He did as I directed after quickly shedding his remaining clothes. I crawled up onto the bed after him thinking the reputation of hotel bed covers being a haven for bodily fluids was about to become even truer. With him settled, I crawled onto the bed to him and looked over my shoulder. In a deliciously devious gesture that only I understood I patted my ass for Tenor to come and fuck me.
  61. vernier9839729

    2021-09-27 18:40:38
    As the hostess led us through the restaurant, I spotted a cozy booth in a dark corner and asked her if we could be seated there which the hostess readily agreed to. As I walked behind Kelli to the booth, I watched her curves move with grace as she took each step. It was surprising that this was the same girl that was sitting across from me in the car a short while ago pleading with me to slide my cock out so that she could snap a picture for Jessica. Although I may have played like I was hesitant, there was really no way I could have said no to Kelli, especially when, as part of the... After Ana had called and asked me to come back to her and make her my cum slut, I was excited. I had thought I would never see her again. I had left her laying on the kitchen table with a mouth full of my cum, a cunt full of my cum, and an asshole full of my cum, while she was passed out. I was very apprehensive how this meeting was going to go. There was a soft knock on the door to his chambers. Who the hell wants to see me this late? Brandyn had told his guards explicitly to not let anyone see him tonight. He sighed, arranging the various maps into piles on his desk Come in, Brandyn said, rising. His left hand rested on the pommel of the dagger belted to his side. You can never be too cautious in times of war.
  62. WoodrowWerLD

    2021-09-27 19:52:52
    Jake, arrived home from his trip, meeting his step mom and his dad at the front door, he smiled and walked into the house. Did you have a great time? Jakes step mom, Jody asked as he flashed past her. Jake stared at Jody, he saw her through different eyes following the experience of the previous few days. He noticed her big boobs for the first time in his life. The contour of her body was very appealing to his new eye for the ladies, so appealing that he felt his cock start to stiffen. Entering a free stall in the unisex bathroom Josh quickly relieved himself, sighing when the pressure was of his bladder. He was about to zip up when he smelled cigarette smoke in the bathroom. His cock throbbed a bit and grew as he figured that Jenny must have followed him. Carefully he zipped up and flushed, leaving the stall to wash his hands. Standing near the sink was Jenny, her cigarette hanging from her lips, semi dressed in a too short cheerleaders skirt and an open top that really racked her breasts up. So I was thinking, why bother doing all the work yourself when I can have someone do it for me? Jenny said in a coy and girly voice. Let me start with some background information. Charlotte grew up in the Northwest. By the time she was 16, she was 57, blonde, 120lbs. She always wore yoga pants and tight shirts to show off her DDs and amazing ass. Her sex experiences were limited, always being relatively mild unless she had been drinking. Charlotte would always get a bit crazy after a few drinks, guess that plays into the guys advantages. She would give head, but hated cum so she never enjoyed it. When the occasioned called she could deepthroat a good 8 inches. Her ass had been fingered a couple times but she refused to go any further.
  63. BrandonwerHO

    2021-09-27 21:04:51
    After being thoroughly dominated by Margie, her teacher, Shannon took out her wrestling frustrations on her regular sparring partner Kim, during their tag-team match with Margie and Shannons partner Marilyn. Tormenting Kim in a series of brutal scissors and a back bending grapevine, Shannon holds her young opponent in a hammerlock, while she recovers. She doesnt want to end the fall just yet and she was going to make Kim suffer... Shannon applied a little pressure to Kims already aching arm, trying to nudge the blonde into an escape attempt. It was also an excuse to press her body closer. Her thighs pushed against Kims plump ass, and Shannon could feel the warm touch of their per spiring bodies. Terrifying, I answered, shifting in the seat, my hijab wrapped about my face. It was a colorful affair, chosen by Wahida. But also eager. I wanted to help my futa-mother out. She had this dream of futas being accepted everywhere. Yes, President Woodward is very eager for it, said Adelia. The talk show host shifted as she sat beside me. She was a beautiful woman with caramel skin, her black hair swaying about her face. I was being interviewed on her afternoon show. Our talk was being streamed across the world. Do you have a close relationship with your mother. I have prepared my basement for the task to come. I made two beds with leg and arm restraints on each. There was a water line going to an old sink that was used a long time ago for when the room was used for canning fresh fruits and vegetables. Three of the walls were made of concrete block, and the fourth was framed out of wood with a solid door. A single light bulb was used to light the room that had been used for storage for years now. It was in the county, with nary a neighbor for miles.
  64. MelvincepAG

    2021-09-27 22:17:40
    Gayle felt a trickle of sweat run down between her breasts as she sat in her lawn chair under the tree by her driveway. She pulled the neck of her shirt out and blew down it, letting the air dry her. For the hundredth time this morning, she thought of what a bad idea this had turned out to be. Her friends had told her that she needed to get rid of the jerks belongings he had left behind when he had run off with that Hooters waitress, that she should just have a garage sale and at least get a little money along with the satisfaction of clearing out what he had left behind. In the future, robotics and advanced A.I. become a ubiquitous part of society, aiding mankind in all facets of everyday life. However, they still retained the cold impersonal look of a machine until a new development rocketed over the uncanny valley. Grown rather than built, this new kind of being was made possible by hacking the human genome and combining biology with nanomachines: cyborgs down to the cellular level, but outwardly perfectly human in appearance. Too perfect, in fact. Over concerns of the new artificial people posing as real humans, world governments quickly acted to require that they all be made to possess a clearly visible non-human trait, which was accomplished in a variety of ways by drawing upon both fanciful fiction and animal DNA. As I drove back to my rented house with my prize in trunk, I pondered just what I had here. A beautiful little slut with a tight wet pussy. On the other hand she was probably Amber Alert young. But I had gone too far to stop now anyway, may as well see it through now. I pulled into the driveway and cut the lights. After I killed the engine, I walked around back to the trunk, and opened it up, revealing my treasure. She was curled up in a ball, disheveled and beautiful. I reached in picked her up, she made a few weak noises as I carried her down to the basement.
  65. RogermoPOZ

    2021-09-27 23:30:27
    Why should I be in class when my teacher is somewhere off in Mexico? How is that possibly fair?At least in 20 minutes, I will be on my way home. By the way, my name is Gabe, I am a freshmen in college, just trying to get my way through these shitty classes. I am six feet tall, with ear length dark brown hair. I have bright blue eyes with dark blue rings around my irises. During high school I was on the swim team, and I continue to swim now, so I am strong and lean with muscles. I am not saying I am the best looking guy around, I think I am far from. But I sure as hell am not the worst. I have had my share of girlfriends, but none of them kept my interest for very long, high school girls are too vain for my liking. When I came to college I was excited to get with a lot of older college girls, and I had some chances, but found my shower was deeper than most of them. It was the morning of Wednesday, December 28th as I made my way to the WWE offices in Stamford at 8:30am. Two nights ago I spent the night with Trish Stratus, then last night I spent the night with former diva Debra Marshall although I was in a sour mood by the end of it because I found out she had conspired with Stephanie to mess with my head. We had sex in the limo, then I left at about 10pm and as far as I knew she was flying back to Texas to do whatever she did there. The sex was great, maybe the best of my life, but I wasnt a big fan of getting worked like that, so I was looking forward to talking to Stephanie. I had no idea what I was going to say since she was my boss and Ive only been working for her under a week. Still, I planned on saying something about it. I awoke a week later, at 6am to find my house empty. My mother must have left during the night. Tomorrow, Monday was football tryouts. This meant I would have to go get cleats, under armor and gloves. I had about $1000 dollars left in my account from my last job. So I was good on money. I just needed to get there. I hopped in the shower, reminiscing the week prior to this, beating my meat. I had almost completely given up trying to find out why it happened so sudden. I felt my climax, shooting rope, after rope of my pearl white cum hitting the walls and shower curtains.
  66. JameshitES

    2021-09-28 00:42:48
    Jessica age 21 looking for a summer job, when she was given an address in the industrial section of town, and after a bit of searching she found what looked like an old warehouse. It is definitely the right place, the sign Hot Model Photo Studio hung above the door, and she knocked quietly and nervously, she is starting to tremble. The door opened and she is greeted by me. Im smiling warmly, I extend my hand. Hi, Im John, and Im guessing that you must be Jessica? Hi. She said, taking my hand and shaking it, a little too weakly. Hm. Jessica. Cute, I said with a grin. I briefly look her up and down, eyes resting on her breasts for a second before meeting her gaze. Well come in, Im sure youd like to see the studio and get started. I gestured for her to follow me inside the warehouse, and when she did, her nerves started to ease a little. Inside is a very professional looking setup with various lights set up around a couch, a table, a chair, a blank screen and a bed. There are various still and video cameras on stands, these big silver umbrella looking things which they use to reflect the light and lots of different screens for backgrounds plus several wardrobes with outfits and props. There is also a fairly sophisticated looking office set up with a couple of computers and some other technical looking equipment that must have been for picture editing. For those of you that dont know us Tammy and I have been married for 30 plus years. Those years have been a wild ride from 6 months before we got married till now. We met at a restaurant she worked at and I delivered to daily. After we got married, we lived in Tampa Fl for 3 or 4 years then we moved to Lake City FL where we still live. Tammy has worked at banks and insurance companies for the most part and I ran our small trucking company. Im imagining you laying here next to me on my soft satin sheets. Youre wearing your favorite green top with the spaghetti straps and the matching skirt. We start to kiss, small timid kisses at first then growing to deep open mouthed kisses as our hands roam all over each others bodies. Your hand finds my cock and begins to stroke it through the thin material of my slacks. My hand slides between your thighs as my tongue slips into your mouth. Our tongues entwine around each other as we search each others mouths. Finally, I cant take any more and I need to move on.
  67. RobertoExitsKW

    2021-09-28 01:55:38
    T sighed and plopped back into her chair and with a loud thud dropped her books to the desk.She was never going to pass this History class and there wasnt a damn thing she could do about it.Mrs. Pollard was unrealistic and definitely had it in for her.What a way to start her first semester of college.She sat sulking while the rest of the class filed out and Mrs. Pollard sat behind her gigantic desk, her back ram-rod straight staring at her.Tiffanie stared back. When I was 18 back in the early 1970s I use to hitchhike a lot to save money on bus fares, I would hitch a lift most days. On one cold, wet and dark winters night I was trying to get home I had hitchhiked in the same spot for about 20 minutes, the road seemed busy and I started to think I was never going to get a lift home. then all of a sudden a car came from around a corner and stopped, I was so relieved.I had been picked up by this man a few times before so I kind of knew him; he was a man in his mid to late fifties and quite a nice friendly person.I asked him if he was going... My Neighbourtravels quite frequently on business and leaves her wife home alone. I dont know if things just happen to break while dad is gone, or she waits until then to call me. Sometimes he will call me in advance to go fix something at their house, telling me how long he will be out of town. Is all this coincidental?
  68. ArthurKapseIQ

    2021-09-28 03:08:07
    We all sat in the room, giggling nervously as Mr. Anderson drank another monster. You know, being 14-15 year olds, its fun to be sitting in the teacher bathrooms after school with a teacher. Well not alone, we had a huge drama production coming up so we needed a few all nighters to get us through you know? Anyways for get me, I am just so happy and excited! Kenny, your turn! Cammy giggled. She is my best friend, she is mixed and has really rad hair! It like curly and fluffy and just, rad! And she had such pretty curves with a large ass, and very nice tits, not my cup of tea if you catch my drift. A common day in Wisconsin, snow lightly covered the ground and the roads were slick with ice. In front of a average looking house on a normal looking street lived a 19 year old boy who lived a generally normal life except for the fact he dabbled in the occult. Its not that he didnt believe in god, he just believed that there were demons. Demons that could be controlled with the right spell and incantation. Dalton, for that was the kids name, thought he had finally found the right book, the cover was bound in what appeared leather (not sure if it was animal or human). The entire book was filled with faded letterings, what appeared to be Latin. A few of the incantations were too faded to physically reproduce but some of the spells were perfectly legible. Fatima paced anxiously in the living room waiting for Irfaan to pick her up for gym. This was all his idea. Hed ended up being the same stranger from the park. She couldnt believe her handsome stranger had turned out to be the same guy she was supposed to meet as a marriage proposition. Her fathers business partner had wanted Fatima and his son to meet each other.
  69. DonaldphamyBX

    2021-09-28 04:21:47
    Maybe we should all have a pill. Angus said observing Jessica with a calmness he didnt feel.She was terrified.Absolutely terrified. Maybe. Jessica agreed.Sean and the others. She began when silence had dragged on for too long, Should leave.I know its not fair to you … it decreases our odds of fighting Earl, but Earl will follow the boys.If Sean and everyone else go back home now Earl will never even know to look for them.She looked around at the men as the suggestion sank in, There would be less of us to protect the boys though.I dont know whats better. It was almost Noon, when Jason; or as he was now called, Kitten; roused from sleep. He thought about why he was in this small appartment room...Oh yea... haha... my Challenge... he laughed. As he laughed quietly to himself, he felt a head laying upon his chest, and silky strands of hair strewn about his chest. He looked down and saw Mistress Vs Raven hair and her nice body half covered by the sheets. Hrrmmm... she sighed in her sleep. He got up, quietly, and covered her in the sheets. I finally dozed off thinking about what had happened today.This was not so bad actually I was thinking.I loved children and taking care of them.I also was a sexual submissive and did not have anyone in my life at this time.Okay I was crazy thinking this way but hey we have to make a living. I must have dozed when suddenly I am told to turn over and get the ass in the air.I do so with elbows on bed and ass in the air.He lines up and lubricates the hole as he suddenly spreads the cheeks for his entrance.
  70. EarnestnofNU

    2021-09-28 05:40:41
    What was that noise, Brenda whispered to Morgan after poking her best friend in the ribs to wake her up!?! W-what time is it, Morgan asked sleepily, I dont hear anything, go back to sleep!!! Wake up, girl, Brenda implored once again, Im not sure but it sounded like someone might be in trouble!!! Morgan rolled over onto her side, and after wiping the sleep out of her eyes commented, Are you sure you werent dreaming, remember last summer when you thought there was a man with a gun hiding in your garage!?! Okay, okay, Brenda replied urgently, so I was wrong once, that doesnt mean I didnt hear what I heard tonight does it!? Sorry for the delay in getting this chapter to my readers on here, Mother Nature has been sending snowstorm after snowstorm here, which has been keeping us all busy on our ranch as well as we were busy with the holidays. I will include a paragraph from chapter 9 to help set up chapter 10. There is not much any one of us do that does not bring hurt to someone or at least to ourselves, Sam replied as he came to me. God Damn It Karen! I am so fucking tired of this shit! He screamed at me again. Why every time I go anywhere on business…… no, anywhere, do I have to deal with this shit when I come home?!Just tell me what you did while you were there! I screamed back at him.I told you. We worked. He said.I dont give a fuck about that! I want to know what you did when you were not working. I said knowing he knew what I wanted to hear. I dont know Karen. I worked, I ate, and I went to Fucking sleep! He screamed at me with his hands in his hair. He was so close I could feel his breath as he...
  71. Podoscaph8133992

    2021-09-28 06:59:57
    Soul LoveHey Alice! Heather, the new editor shouted across the office, You like that singer… Hank Brooklyn, dont you?I looked up from my PC smiled and nodded in her direction.You can have this if you want, she continued shouting, Its just come in the post. Heather was waving a CD and what looked like a T-Shirt in the air for me and everyone else to see. I saved my article on a new gardening centre and walked to the other end of the local newspaper office that I worked in.Coffee? she asked as she handed me the CD. Please, I mumbled as I checked the track listing. It was... It was the eighth love letter Id received that week...for what seems like no apparent reason, an anonymous person has continued to shove letters upon letters in my mailbox.They seemed to have been placed there personally, as the envelope was only blank.It smelled highly of a cologne that stripped the soberness of your senses.The sender labeled himself as an admirer, and if I needed to refer to him by a certain title, to simply call him D.His writing was masculine, calligraphic, intriguing.Even while the handwriting spelt out blood chilling threats, I couldnt say I didnt have an interest... It all started about 11 years ago. I was about 26 years old and I was seeing this woman that was 23. We are both Caucasian, but she was living with her parents in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. But shes not who this story is about. Living across the street from the was a Mexican family. The parents were in their late 40s and moved here from Mexico. They had 3 daughters who were all born here in the United States. The oldest was already married and had a child by this time. And absolutely gorgeous too. The middle girl had just finished high school and was going to a local community...
  72. Sedef6470571

    2021-09-28 08:18:25
    As Jason walked into Ashleys Jason saw Ashley sitting on her bed looking at her phone. Jason felt nervous due to him getting a text indicating Ashley was angry at him. A-am i in trouble? Jason asked nervously. Ashley pointed to the other bed indicating he sit down. Ashley let out a sigh and turned over and glared at him. do you know WHY I called you in here? Ashley said as she stood up and put her hands on her hips. Jason shook his head no not having a clue on why shes mad. Look at this Ashley said as she handed him his report card. Jason looked down at his legs trying not to make eye... There is a knock on the door, and I know it is you. I grab the remote, get up and go to the door, positioning myself behind it as I open it. I hear your intake of breath as you see the twenty five roses on the coffee table. They are in a lillet lead crystal vase, the best they had, but not exactly what I would have gotten had I had more time. Nevertheless, its better than nothing. I grab you as you step in the room,turning to kiss me.Hello, sweetness. I hope you are ready to getthe ride of your life.I am indeed, you reply, rubbing my crotch.Thats good, darling, because Ive... Andromeda IThe phone jangled unceremoniously as dawns glow enveloped the flickering remains of the star studded heavens.It was Uncle Harvey, and he needed someone to watch over his remote acreage while he was in the hospital.Harvey was older than history, refusing to succumb to the trials of life and the advancements of modern technology, spending the greater part of his day wandering through his heavily wooded property to feed a flock of chickens and a few head of cattle that free ranged there. His home was an old Airstream with tarps thrown over the top and a small pump house nearby...
  73. Edacious5297517

    2021-09-28 09:32:06
    Hey Everyone, Well, Part 2.I was on the wall for hours or so it seemed. It was making me sore to be there with my legs spread and I was having to pee but thought I may not be allowed. Finally the woman that had put me there came back and slapped my tits hard making me cry out. God, ready little bitch? she said with a growl in her voice. Yes Mistress, I am ready. I told her. Well, we will see, but now you have no choice. She said and put a blindfold on my face so that I could not se anything at all, it was total darkness. I heard people moving around and talking and making comment on the... Chapter 4I was just standing there, in the shower, watching how the warm water ran down by body. I guess I was just there because I still couldnt get understand why I liked fucking men, the more I thought about it, the more confused I felt. I tilted my head back, allowing the water to hit my face gently, the warmth was soothing at first, but soon enough it began to burn so I straightened myself up and turned off the water.Are you ready for round 2? asked Martin from outside the bathroom.Sure, Ill be right out I answered as I stepped out of the shower and took my towel.I couldnt... When I first slept with my aunt Debbie it was a sexual dream come true. It was the best sex I have ever had and the best part is knowing just how taboo it truly was. After we slept together we agreed that it was a one time thing that it mustnot happen again. As time went on I adjusted to it, I had my fantasy come true; however I got the sense that all was not complete. Soon I would have a chance to experience it again only this time in a different way.
  74. O0Moulin8976105

    2021-09-28 10:46:28
    Copyright 2003 FK PublicationsHer perfect ass resting upon the sofas cushion, dark-haired Jane moved the cigarette to her lips and took a puff, her knee high leather stiletto boots stretched out on the livingroom table, the hot looking jean clad lady taking it easy with some trash novel, reading away all day in her apartment. Wearing nothing but a bra under her black T-shirt, Jane continued to absorb the pages when all of a sudden her apartments buzzer rang. A frustrated expression on her attractive face, the woman placed the book to the side, removed her feet from the table, and... (I really liked w1dmgs Adam series, and just felt it was too short and needed a little something more.So, with his permission, Ive expanded and altered the story a bit, but all the characters and a few of his best lines are directly copied to try and preserve what I thought he did best.Hope you enjoy it.)***************************************************Megan… I groaned as I ground my face into hers.Our desperate lips caressed each others as our passion built and built.I was on fire and I could tell she was the same.Her soft long dirty blonde hair fluttered at my cheeks as I... I dont think my mother or brother heard us fucking, because I bit my lower lip to keep from screaming out with pleasure. Oh god, I loved how Daddys big cock felt inside me as it rubbed against my pussy repeatedly. He held me tight, as my first climax surged through me. We dared not stay that way only for too long, as any minute; we could get caught when mom came to the door to tell us supper was ready. I turned, batted by emerald-green eyes and whispered, Thanks Dad, youre awesome.His eyes sparkled with love, and he said, You lil minx, I do not know what we would of done if mom...
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    2021-09-28 12:03:34
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  76. MariopreryGM

    2021-09-28 13:15:50
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  77. ADIDASING6379611

    2021-09-28 14:28:28
    I awoke to the sound of my wife rustling around; I opened my eyes to find her packing her clothes.Ahh, Richard, your awake, help me pack please Ive got to be on the train for 9.I climbed out of bed, still in my boxers and helped Claire pack.When everything was packed I picked up her suit case and headed for the door.Wait a minute cowboy, wheres my kiss she said, holding my cowboy hat she bought me a couple of months back. I placed the cases on the floor and put my arms around her waist.KISS….I will….(KISS)… you….(KISS)…when I get there…..(KISS)……you cant….(KISS)….wreck the... My boyfriend of a year Russel and I were laying on his couch. Just outside, dry, yellow hills stretched out as we were pretty far out West from the city. I didnt see him too often because after catching a train out to the nearest station, hed have to drive out to pick me up. He was a shameless alcoholic so Id have to make sure I woke up early to get there in time before he had had too many.Russel had a slim build. Just recently he had decided to shave off his shoulder length blonde hair. Surprisingly, the new look suited him but now his sunken in eyes were more prominent. Needless to say... My Live-in Maid - Indian widows new life abroad.- 9A Child widow Live in Maid goes abroad - She getsTransformedYou read in part 8Her hand went up to her ample bosom, feeling her heart ripped into pieces as tears flowing down her cheeks and wet the pillow along with the sheet and blankets. Anu cried and cried, curled into a ball on her bed as loneliness swept through her entire being. Gently and slowly I sit on her bed and pull her into my arms again, offering her solace and companionship in her hour of need. A flash of devilish smile curled up the corner of my mouth, The ties...
  78. CcpLotic1193396

    2021-09-28 15:40:30
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  79. Guaniferous7696666

    2021-09-28 16:53:07
    Joey Wasnt Just a Nice Larry MaloneIn the old neighborhood, years ago, the word gay was never used. and disparagingly, they werecalled queer or fags and werent accepted at all. So, in those days, they didnt exist ...except for Joey.Joey wasnt gay, he was just... a friendly nice guy.Not the sharpest tool in the shed and he barely got out of the eight grade in education but everyone liked him. Joey was the kind of guy who always had a smile for every body and would do anything for you to belong, to please you, or to make you happy, including as it turned out, giving... Our First Night.Im a nurse and had just got a new job in a new office. Everything was going good,I liked the people and the doctors I worked with, and the work I did. Everythingwas going great in life.Im about 5 foot 8, average build, large breasts, fair skin, and brown hair just below my shoulders. I have always loved attention from attractive men. Even love a good challenge to get their attention too. I am married, and my husband is ok with me having a lover on the side.Over the next year I grew closer with one of the doctors I worked with. He was always teaching me and... Carolyn Engel sat in the outer office of Dr. Matthews office paging through the latest weekly news magazine without really paying much attention to it, as her mind was on much more important things. Lifting her head out of the magazine, she glanced around the waiting room, trying to imagine what each of the people sitting there were seeing the doctor about. She made a quick observation that none of the other women in the room had her particular problem!!! There was one woman who had a nose that looked like a ski slope, while another looked like she had three chins instead of the usual one!!!...
  80. St3Grith1856550

    2021-09-28 18:06:20
    I admit I was curious. How did it feel? Was it better? Would I be hooked after I did it? I wasnt thinking about drugs or alcohol. I was thinking about sex with another woman.I have had my share of encounters with men. Some of them were wonderful, others were best forgotten. But never in my live had I tried it with another woman. I had talked about it with past male lovers. I had not had the interest to try and ruin a good thing by bringing another woman to bed for them. but this was for me, and I was unsure of what to do. So I decided to go to a local lesbian bar and see if I could get... Chicago, Chicago, That Toddlin TownChapter 1Here I was, 33, single, and just recently transferred to Chicago. I was sent here to get this upstart IT company on its feet. We recently acquired it and they need me to make sure it got up and running, our way, and to make a profit. And now 3 years later, Im loving my life.Im Blake, and as I said, I am 33, single, 6, 190 lbs, with short blond hair. I generally work out at least 3 times a week, so I am in good shape. Ive been told I am good looking, and judging from the fact that I can land a date pretty easily, I guess that is... PART 1One late night i see you at a bar. you decide to try a new bar in town that you have never been to. Inside it is dim lit. The decor is dark but classy.There are few people inside. You take a seat on a very comfortable bar stool. The bartender, a beautiful exotic women, asks what youd like to drink and if you would like a menu. You are so distracted by her beauty that you dont hear a word she says. Sir? You startle back and tell her to surprise you. she smiles and turns to mix you a drink. The smell in the air is intoxicating almost like an aphrodisiac.Your eyes lock onto the...
  81. Timwhisky6987545

    2021-09-28 19:18:20
    I can recall a specific moment in my life...I was 17 years old.It was Friday evening and like most nights, my mother and I had enjoyed eating our dinner together.My mother is a great cook.At 42 years of age, she maintains a very busy schedule.She works in the Emergency room as a nurse...for as long as I can remember, its always been her and I.Soon after I was born, my father had been killed in a vehicle accident.I have no memory of him.The only memory that is afforded to me, are the photos that my mother has of him; of us.It had always been my mother was a very attractive... My friend John and I have been best friends through high school.We are both in our 40s now, both married and both have children.John and I still go to the camp every few weekends.Our wives let us do so they have some relief from us.They are unaware of things John and I do at the camp.Several years ago we found out that we could have lots of fun with each other sexually.This weekend we were planning to go to the camp, his 13 year old daughter, Sue decided she wanted to go with us.She has never wanted to go before.She is a tom boy and wears baggy clothes all of the time and tries to act... What? I ask, and a mischievious grin appears on his face. I knew very well what it WAS he wanted, I was just trying to fill the awkward silence with our old childhood inside joke. Ever since I had arrived at his house I had been horny, a fiery itch that begged to be scratched. It didnt help that I felt his errection just a while earlier when I sat on his lap while playing halo. It just made the itch ever more so aware and frequent in my thoughts.I grab his hands in mine and look into his eyes. They are dark, dark as a deep grey cloudy night sky here in arizona. Im still so confused...
  82. SolomonPaxTF

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  83. Xenomania9656468

    2021-09-29 06:53:47
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  84. tracer103443247

    2021-09-29 10:41:15
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  85. Mednight3249403

    2021-09-29 13:15:24
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  86. JeremyUrignJQ

    2021-09-29 15:55:44
    Walter Jonas pulled his van into the lane leading to the Circle Double Bar Ranch and drove the quarter mile or so to the house that sat on a small rise at the end of the lane. The big red letters on the side of his truck told it all, WATER DIVINING, W.B. Jonas, Prop.! This was hot country, southern Texas, where the temperature could stay above 100 degree for weeks at a time, and where water was more valuable than oil, well, you cant go that far, but it was pretty darn precious in its own way!!! Walter pulled his van to a stop and was ready to hop out when out of nowhere a giant sized German Shepard began circling his vehicle while making menacing sounds that indicated he had better stay put until help arrived!!! After blasting his horn a couple of times, a forty plus woman came out of the house and approached the van! Within a week of arriving in Hongkong, I had rented a rather large and expensive apartment in Mid Levels, I had purchased a lovely lilac coloured Volkswagen Beetle and I had the promise of a hostess job at a new club which was opening the following week in Central.I was quite proud of my achievements. The Club was in the commercial centre of Hongkong and designed to attractthe numerous business clients of all nationalities and give them somewhere to spend their over generous expense accounts. After our night of raw sexuality, I started to look at Carol in a all new way. She wasnt just my wife, now she was so much more. Their was so many areas I wanted to explore with her. I felt like a teenager again. I couldnt stop thinking about how naughty Carol was being. It was Sunday, and my only day off so I decided I would do something nice and bring Carol breakfast in bed. I went to our kitchen and made our favorite breakfast, bacon and eggs. As I began to walk up the stairs I could hear moans coming from our bedroom. They werent Carols. I walked into the room to see Carol totally nude, with her legs spread. She was playing with herself and on the TV was porn. I was instantly turned on. I put down our breakfast and got into bed.
  87. MichaelsoaceCE

    2021-09-29 17:10:47
    The moment my head hit the pillow once Id returned to my dorm, I was fast asleep. This time, there were no dreams or overwhelming thoughts to fill my mind or wake me. Just a pitch black and an utter silence until the ringing of my alarm clock signaled that it was time to begin my day. I groaned, as was my morning routine, and rolled over to snooze the obnoxious sound. For a moment, I rolled up into a ball, cradling my arms around my knees as I brought them to my chest beneath the covers. I had known Lisa for two years. She was a senior and I was a junior. I was a nerdy mathlete she was the head cheerleader, so we didnt exactly run in the same circles. But we both did drama and speech. We were friendly enough, not that I ever spent time with her out of school. That all changed at the regional speech contest in Des Moines. Monica and I have known each other since 1998, I have bought a number of residential and commerical properties. When Monica has property that she thinks I may be interested in she calls me and we set up an appointment. Sometimes these meetings are for sexual pleasure. I was standing in front of the house waiting for Monica to show up to give me the nickel tour and hear the typical pitch on why I should buy the property. As I was about to look at my watch, here came the car. Monica is 6 black hair with a slender body. Her breasts are prominent with erect nipples, What a beautiful woman, I whispered to myself.
  88. BrunsonDid7717765

    2021-09-29 21:01:15
    A few minutes later he walked into the back yard. She was reading her book. I could not tell if they were talking. She had put her bathing suit back on. She then got up and walk inside there house. He kept moving the back yard.I put on some clothes and ran back to turn off the lawn mower, in my back yard. I opened the small wooden doors, to the tool shed. I then pulled the one over head light, to turn it on. There were a few tool in the shed. A big can of gasoline, and enough room for the lawn mower. I shut the door and walked back to my house. I picked up my clothes off the grass. I then... With every file on my desk I had to ask myself if I was trying to see Sara again or if that was even worth it and if I should make up the difference by trying to pass by Lisa’s bar on the way home. Chasing two rabbits meant I would lose both, chasing neither also meant losing both, so I had to think of something.I gave up. I went home, alone, on time.---Sara pulled up to a dingy bar not far from work, a watering hole she hadn’t visited in a while. When she made sat down at a bar a familiar face greeted her.“Hey Sara! Long time, no see!” “Hey Lisa, remember my usual?”“Of course!”... “Cindy is free to explore all she wants,” I said. “And you?Are you free to explore as well? she asked.I nodded towards her.My mouth was too dry to speak.She smiled at me and turned back to watch what was happening.I turned and watched as the jerk bent down and pulled one of Cindy’s nipples between his lips. She tilted her head back and sighed.Knowing her as well as I did, I could tell that she was very aroused and was ready to watch a good show.She pulled his face off her tits and bent down and kissed him hungrily.Then she pushed him towards her other nipple and forced it into his...
  89. MypZick9632525

    2021-09-30 02:11:17
    As she pulled out the bodice and lifted, she felt her breasts fall from its support.She had decided to forgo a bra today.Lifting the dress up, she pulled it over her head and slowly tossed it to the floor next to the desk.She stepped back on her heels to lean on his desk allowing him a full view. "Like what you see?"His eyes shot up to hers."I do."His voice sounded thicker, deeper.His big hands reached out to grab her hips, his fingers digging into her skin. "Do I get to see you?"He smiled, taking his hands away from her.He sat back as his hands went for the buttons on his shirt... Laura asked me if I would like to stay for the night. Since I was tired, I said yes. We got up the next morning and talked about our encounter. I asked her if she had a good time. Laura said "It was fun. I liked you behind me and me sucking Joe. I just wish he was hard when I was sucking him. " I asked her what she thought about Darlene playing with her tits and pussy. She said that it was exciting. She said "If that happens again, can I suck your cock?" I said "Sure." We went to the next meet and greet. Darlene and Joe were not there. Vicky and Robin were not there either. We chatted with a... She slid her finger gently up inside my ass hole taking me over the top. I grabbed and held onto the toilet seat as my hips bucked forward again and again blasting cum down Lulu’s throat. She hoovered the lot without blinking and winked at me when my orgasm was complete.“Good, good boy” she said again. She pulled down her skirt as I got up and got myself together then said “Come, I want you to meet some friends”“Oh okay” I said without really hearing what she had said.We arrived back at the bar where I was originally sitting and on either side of mine and Lulu’s seats were two of her...
  90. Symphilism8484380

    2021-09-30 04:44:59
    It needs a little work on the main floor and part of his plan is to join the two small rooms together making one decently sized room. He has told me to meet him there after work today. I do as I’m told and when I get there He is working alone. I find it strange that no one else is there since He hires contractors to do a lot of this type of work. He is looking over the work that has been done today when I get there. He has brought a blanket and it is on the floor near a chair. He sits and I kneel. He wants His dick sucked, and I do it. As I am working His dick and He is getting hard,... “Lunch is ready and Béla’s back from Io to help celebrate your anniversary, Mom.”“Oh, and Dad?” the young flier continued, “The liaison of the Phoenix Project wants to talk to you about the new Star Drive that’s being built at Northern…”Filled with joy, Elaine gazed at her son, Elias, fully grown now. She had no idea why she suddenly burst into tears.~~~~~Jake Hedron was doing what he always did. He was searching for an answer that would reunite him with his wife, Tabatha, exiled on earth. The disk he held in his hand suddenly dissolved. He looked around. The room was blurring... Keep quiet, I roughly grab her wrists and pinned them over her head with one hand. It was then that she realized how horny she was. " Is this what you want, Heather?" My demeanor became dark as my free hand ran down the front of her dress and I pulled it down exposing her bra-less breasts. I pinched one of her nipples hard.She squeales " Yes..Yes." My mouth covers hers, my tongue is probing her while my slow hand continues roaming down her body until it slips between her thighs and begins to make its way up. My tongue surges in her mouth and entwined so softly with hers, she moans in...
  91. AntoineswideBR

    2021-09-30 06:04:38
    Its the day of night out with the guys, and I was contemplating what to do about the photo sharing site.I guess I was just looking to have a little fun with it.It isnt every day that you know something about your buds that they dont know you know.I decided to just send them a PM with no name and a picture.So I put on the clothes Id worn last week, pulled down my pants and laid on the floor – a similar position to where I first got naked with them.Stroking until I was good and hard, I reached up with the camera and got a good selfie of my stiff cock laying on my belly.I uploaded it and attached it to a PM, saying You guys like this? and sent it off. Gayle felt a trickle of sweat run down between her breasts as she sat in her lawn chair under the tree by her driveway. She pulled the neck of her shirt out and blew down it, letting the air dry her. For the hundredth time this morning, she thought of what a bad idea this had turned out to be. Her friends had told her that she needed to get rid of the jerks belongings he had left behind when he had run off with that Hooters waitress, that she should just have a garage sale and at least get a little money along with the satisfaction of clearing out what he had left behind. She tried to tell them she was too far out in the country for a sale to be practical, that it was too hot for one, too. Hurry up Nick, its your turn to do the cats, his mother called from down stairs. Already? Someone just went this morning, he shouted back. It was useless to argue, he knew that, so he turned off the tv, jogged downstairs, grabbed the key, and went out the door. Every year his neighbors a few houses down went to England and asked them to take care of their cats. And every year he was forced to go over there twice a day to feed them, clean out the litter box, and do other maintenance.He got to the door, opened it, and walked toward the garage where the litter box was kept. Inside, he was on the first floor which had a bathroom and a bedroom where the daughter about his age slept. Upstairs, the parents and two sons had rooms, along with the kitchen and family room.
  92. cataclasm94689

    2021-09-30 13:59:14
    Normally, I don’t put up with this from anyone, EVER. But when we started dating, he was not like the rest. We had fun, lots of fun, and her really seemed to care – but I guess that’s all in the past now. My soon-to-be ex boyfriend loved for me to dress as slutty as possible so he could parade me around in front of his beer buddies at frat parties and such. Today I chose a black, lacey cami top with a cute little heart shaped opening in a very “strategic” location (and no bra, of course). I wore my favorite skin-tight jeans and finished my look with a simple pair of black pumps complete with... I settled down, my bound wrists still trapped behind me, putting an arch to my spine, pushing my flat belly upward. I swallowed, glancing at Daddy.“May I be gagged, Daddy?” I asked, my heart beating faster. Cold pumped through my body, making me shiver. “No,” he said, giving me a look, almost pinning me in place with his strength. He understood. He wanted me to swallow my fear. To submit to his will when I could stop it. When I could put an end to all of this.I had something even more powerful than a safe word.I swallowed, a fist squeezing my heart. I squeaked when Lilac picked up the... But he was older, like dad age, and then some, and that had never been her thing.However, it was apparent that without a ‘compromise’ of some type, she was never going to pay back her dad, and she just could not accept failure.Kaitlyn was not above using her body to achieve her goals, she had done so in the past, and at least ‘JR’(one last time) was clean, and the surroundings were certainly nice.“Do you have it?” she asked, matter-of-factly.“Of course.”I answered, and pointed to the box on the table.“as new-as stated.”“Nice that it’s in the box” she commented, then “I need to know this...
  93. cataclasm94689

    2021-09-30 15:18:40
    Normally, I don’t put up with this from anyone, EVER. But when we started dating, he was not like the rest. We had fun, lots of fun, and her really seemed to care – but I guess that’s all in the past now. My soon-to-be ex boyfriend loved for me to dress as slutty as possible so he could parade me around in front of his beer buddies at frat parties and such. Today I chose a black, lacey cami top with a cute little heart shaped opening in a very “strategic” location (and no bra, of course). I wore my favorite skin-tight jeans and finished my look with a simple pair of black pumps complete with... I settled down, my bound wrists still trapped behind me, putting an arch to my spine, pushing my flat belly upward. I swallowed, glancing at Daddy.“May I be gagged, Daddy?” I asked, my heart beating faster. Cold pumped through my body, making me shiver. “No,” he said, giving me a look, almost pinning me in place with his strength. He understood. He wanted me to swallow my fear. To submit to his will when I could stop it. When I could put an end to all of this.I had something even more powerful than a safe word.I swallowed, a fist squeezing my heart. I squeaked when Lilac picked up the... But he was older, like dad age, and then some, and that had never been her thing.However, it was apparent that without a ‘compromise’ of some type, she was never going to pay back her dad, and she just could not accept failure.Kaitlyn was not above using her body to achieve her goals, she had done so in the past, and at least ‘JR’(one last time) was clean, and the surroundings were certainly nice.“Do you have it?” she asked, matter-of-factly.“Of course.”I answered, and pointed to the box on the table.“as new-as stated.”“Nice that it’s in the box” she commented, then “I need to know this...
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    Truth is stranger than fiction!These are my experiences, I lived them.Yes, they really happened, names and some details have been changed for obvious reasons. I dont condone any of the behavior depicted in my stories.These experiences greatly affected the quality of my life, mostly for the worse. I was arrested,jailed, humiliated, bankrupted. My sexual obsessions cost me plenty, yet I cant exist without it, its my very essence. I could say Im writing to make people wary of the costs of such abnormal behavior, that would be very commendable, but its meant to stimulate, control, seduce, warp, and bring you into my world. If you are under 18, if you are offended by anything associated with sex, (gay/lesbian sex, deviant sex, child sex, pornographic sex) please stop reading and turn your attention elsewhere. I have been a guidance counselor at the local University for years but decided a few years ago to retire and provide counseling at home to a select few of entering freshmen. Several weeks ago I received a young man at home for a session. His name was Nathan. He was a walk on Basketball player wanting to eventually go on to the NBA but wanted a career in radio or TV if that didnt pan out. I had scheduled him for early this morning and he arrived promptly at ten. He is a tall young black man. I was struck by his height when I asked him into my home. He was dressed in warm ups and wearing expensive sneakers. The following story is written by a dear friend of mine. I told him his story is amazing and he has a unique way of writing. I then ask ifI can post it here, and he said yes. Thus with Daddyz Dreamz permission, I am posting it I was in my car, driving from Texas to Virginia.My girlfriend, who had been living with me for four-and-one-half years had left me only two months ago andgone back to her family in Norfolk but (HAPPY DAY) she had called me the day before to ask if she could please come home.
  96. thunderhawk7592644

    2021-10-01 02:38:02
    It was always such a touchy subject that I never really got to share my thoughts on it with anyone, even Emily. Frowning, Stephanie looked from Kelly to Brian, and then down into her hands in her lap. “I, uh, I can’t think of anything to dare,” she admitted. “You can’t think of anything you want me to do?” Kelly asked in exasperated vexation. “You can tell me to do anything you want, you have me at your command, and you’ve got nothing? Do you want me to finish what you started and have me strip?” “What was the other dare we’ve had tonight…? Ah, right, that was it; dare me to make you... As she was thinking on this, Reed had begun to lick her and finally with Michael in her mind, she gave into the feelings that Reed’s tongue was invoking.Reed knew that Neil was a sore point with her, but he just didn’t care. She picked that loser not him. He had never asked her to sleep with him. Thinking back, he should have known she was a tramp, she jumped Neil the first chance she got and now she hooked up with another just like him from the sounds of it. Oh well I guess, he thought to himself, she was not his anymore as she put it. Just get a little piece of the slut and get on with... This is a story about how dad and I played with each other intimately. At first daddy made me cum, using just his fingers and tongue, I thought I would blow my mind. Never had I cum that hard before, and I wanted more.Following that daddy, told me how to turn a man on, what makes his dick hard, and how they cum.Since he was not ready to teach me to fuck, he taught me how to get him off with my hands, and lips.“Oh my god, daddy I love the feel of your cock in my hands, it’s so big.”“Good baby-girl. Now kiss the head, and run your tongue across the slit. That’s it now tell me did you...
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    After all she hated her husband and was already in the process of divorcing him so she could be with Him. Yes Him. The Man she met 9 months ago that awakened her inner animal. Whose passion engulfed her and who showed her pleasure can be limitless with the right person. The thought of Him brings and evil grin to her face and she notices a dampening of the panties he told her to wear this evening. Yes she might still be married, but she belonged mind, body and soul to Him.The evening wears on and she suffers through it as best she can. Smiling at all the right times and people, laughing at...
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    When all the kernels were exposed, Annabelle broke the ear free from the husk and held it up for Nicole to see."Perfect size," she said as she stepped behind Nicole. "All it needs now is a little bit of lube."Nicole looked very confused, but then gasped loudly as something small with a rough knobbly surface was pushed into her ass. Her eyes were very wide as Annabelle stepped back in front of her and began shucking the large ear of corn.Once the large ear was ready, Annabelle again stepped behind Nicole. This time she reached her arms around Nicole’s body and began massaging Nicole’s...
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    When all the kernels were exposed, Annabelle broke the ear free from the husk and held it up for Nicole to see."Perfect size," she said as she stepped behind Nicole. "All it needs now is a little bit of lube."Nicole looked very confused, but then gasped loudly as something small with a rough knobbly surface was pushed into her ass. Her eyes were very wide as Annabelle stepped back in front of her and began shucking the large ear of corn.Once the large ear was ready, Annabelle again stepped behind Nicole. This time she reached her arms around Nicole’s body and began massaging Nicole’s...
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    "She’s good, man. Aren’t you, Nina?""Yes, babe, I’m fine, thanks. You go catch up with your friends, I’ll bring dinner out soon." My husband left as I looked back at Rodney. God, he’s so fucking assertive. It turned me on so much. We continued to such each other’s lips a while longer before I realized I had to take the food out of the oven. The boys all sat down at the dining table as I served dinner. There were only six seats at our table and I had nowhere to sit. I went to grab a stool from the kitchen but Rodney looked at me and patted his lap. I walked over to him and sat on his leg...
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    We drank all the beer (mostly because of the peppers) and then began working the bottle. We laughed hysterically about absolutely nothing."Do you know how I got my last boyfriend?" She asked. "I was in a bar with some friends and this guy kept staring at me. Every time I looked over he was staring at me! So when I finished my beer I slid the neck of the bottle into my mouth… the whole neck… and when it was all the way down I looked over and watched him squirm as I pulled it out. A few minute later the waitress brought me a long neck Budweiser from him.""You didn’t!""I sure as hell did! …...
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    ”Robert dipped two fingers into a jar of cold cream and then rubbed the outside of my asshole with it.It felt strange, but it also felt good.After a few moments I felt a tentative probe of my asshole with a finger.It felt slightly uncomfortable but I felt no pain at all.But through the uncomfortable tightness, I also felt a bit of pleasure.Before long I knew he had his finger in my ass, as I could feel his hand against my cheeks.I felt a second finger slide in next to the first.Waves of pleasure started to wash over me as Robert worked the fingers back and forth.I started pushing back... Where better to learn.I settled down between Jan’s legs and followed instructions. Jan was in heaven and her smell and taste was driving me wild. I soon found out the importance of that little nub at the top of a pussy and how to please it. While not missing a drop of juices either. Jan was soon starting to shiver and squirm as i inserted my finger in her slick pussy she began to cum. I thought she was going into convolutions but the second her love juices began to squirt all over my face i knew she was off in a different land. I continued to lick harder and faster until she was done and... Well, if she was doing this purely for money…Only for the money. No other intention.Then why did she want to suck so badly?Why’d she feel so…turned on?When her lips touched the tip of his dick, he groaned with pleasure, and leaned back. The cock was already wet from pre cum, and she used her hands to rub it around, while Mr. Derrick moaned happily. Before she knew it, her head was bobbing up and down in a rhythm on his huge dick, which seemed to be growing bigger…Suddenly, Mr. Derrick’s cock burst with biggest amount of cum she had ever seen with a loud cry. Her mouth had still been...
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    She stood in front of the looking glass naked, her blonde hair still very damp and her skin slightly moist from her morning shower. Sonia placed her hands over her D-cup breasts and squeezed. She then ran her hands down her stomach, her fingers lightly touched her neatly trimmed pussy. She turned around and admired her tight teen ass.I look goooood, Sonia thought. She quickly grabbed her pink panties and slowly put them on. She watched her hips sway as she pulled her panties up. She then grabbed her matching bra and put it on.This was her morning ritual. Every morning Sonia admired her... I knew that I needed to feel my lover’s hands, tongue, lips and cock in me. He started kissing and licking my tits, sliding his tongue lower and lower over my body. I began to shiver, my body reacting to his hot tongue. He lifted my skirt to reveal my wet pussy glistening with my juices that had started to flow. His finger found my clit and he started to rub it in circles, his tongue followed, flicking it back and forth. I raised my legs up on the counter, opening my cunt wide to him, feeling his hot breath on my pussy lips and knowing that his tongue would soon be licking my hot slit with... Read it if you like - most people here thought I´d done a good job with that ;-). Best way to find it: Theme index "Cheating", sort by submission date. It´s also in the top list of the last 30 days. It won´t be necessary to understand this story, but I think it´ll give you a good time. Acutally, I´m thinking about publishing some of my stories - in my native language, german - so tell me what you think of that. But now,enough talk, the action awaits you ...TWO BITCHES IN MY LIFEFor those who don´t know me: I´m Andrew, 34 years old and an average guy - or so I thought. The last months...
  110. StevenNeuroKD

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    It was my second year in college and i lived in some apartments near campus. I didnt stay on campus because all of the bullshit with rules and such. My neighbor, on the other side of the apartments, was a very sexy girl. She was a freshman at my school and i was obsessed with her since the first time i saw her. She was obviously one of those stuck up rich girls that gets everything handed to her. She drove a new Civic and had really nice clothes. She got her hair done often, it was long, curly and blonde. I watched her for months and figured out her patterns, typical college girl going out every weekend. On the Saturday before Halloween i bought a monster mask, large zip ties and duct tape. The point of her game was to see if she could sustain their erections throughout the dance, a game she had no trouble ‘winning.’The music ended and Sarah noticed Laura was no longer in the room and that Dr. Henry had a video camera in his hand, pointed at her.Her attention was diverted by Charlie.“Would you like a drink?” asked Charlie.“Yes, I would.All that dancing made me very warm.”Charlie left to go find the drinks.“No alcohol for me,” Sarah called after him.“I’ve already reached my limit of two glasses of wine, and Dr. Henry said I should only drink in moderation.”Mark... While this is not unusual for her, it was much earlier in the evening and lasted longer than typical. She released the embrace after about two minutes. I then looked around and noticed that we had a large audience and a group of guys who were cheering and clapping. After the first round, we did not pay for another drink all night, as we quickly gained many admirers. I switched immediately to wine to drink slower and avoid getting completely trashed. I would be lying though if I said I didn’t have a couple more shots forced on me during the night.Next was the dance floor. The four of us...
  111. PerryhetZY

    2021-10-04 10:52:53
    John had to hide out, the new abilities that he was experiencing were a little too much for everyday people. After Mitch had left, going god only knew where, John had waited a few days before he tried to contact him. Mitch? You there? John thought, Im having a little problem here. Sighing when he got no reply John thought the nanomites had information. Will had made his way back home from where he left Amber and Jackie on the cliff, not far from the Cove.His mind struggled back and forth with the anticipated pleasure of making love to Amber, and hopefully Jackie too, and the worry of what pain he might have to endure by the cock cage he was told he would have to wear.Will knew very little about these two girls, and was sure that there was more to the story of their lifestyle than what either one had told him.They were both very beautiful, intelligent, uninhibited; maybe they were just normal girls She was married with a two year old child and as far as I know, is still married to this day with two grown up children. Whilst over a period of five years of our friendship we were carnally acquainted none was more bizarre than the circumstances of our first sexual encounter. Allow me to introduce the characters of this story. Jean Marie (JM) Renard was French, he lived and worked in what, at the time, was West Berlin. Dominique Lagrangewas French, she too lived and worked in the same city. Likewise Dominque Lagrange, her husband, was French, he lived and worked in West Berlin. Finally came myself the author, Christopher Cross, who was British and spoke French. Although I lived inLondon, I workedso frequently in West Berlin that I part shared the rental of a flat on the Stephenstrasse belonging to Jean Marie in the Moabit area of the former German Capital.
  112. lusterbunny6060252

    2021-10-04 16:48:57
    Once in the van...and out of sight, she found a nearby secluded area where she would change.She slipped on a skirt, just above the knee, and a sexy opaque blouse, that would not reveal to anyone that she was braless underneath.Along with that, she slipped on some thigh high nylons, to give the illusion that she was wearing pantyhose, when in fact she even ditched her panties.To complete the ensemble, she wore some sexy knee-high boots with a sexy stiletto heel.She arrived first grabbed a coffee..and waited impatiently.Finally he arrived, in snug jeans and t-shirt.This was his standard fare,... You are a great girl, don’t you ever forget that.”We both got dressed back into our original clothes, although we both kept on each other’s stockings.I paid for our outfits, gave Karen my card telling her to give me a call sometime, and we headed back to the car.The next couple hours were uneventful as we bought the shoes we needed, had a nice dinner and had great conversation.I learned that Jenny loved to read and wanted to be an English teacher.She liked 80s movies and 80s music and wished she could be just like Molly Ringwald.Anyways, after dinner we changed into our cocktail... “Seven Generals have come to your planet along with the leader of the Torran race, and millions of Cybots.” Saitx explains.“Can’t the Earth’s military just do the work?” Joshua asks.“No.” Saitx says.“Why can’t they?” Joshua asks.“While the Cybots weak points have been found, there is no way that the military can match the fire power of the seven generals. That’s why the group must be formed.” Saitx explains.“If they are driven back, will the enemies ever come back?” Joshua asks.“They haven’t behaved that way in the past. If a planet shows too much resistance, then they...
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    2021-10-04 23:31:15
    At first what seemed liked forced sex turned into mutual consent. Although I felt betrayed my insides were boiling over with lust and excitement. I eagerly fast forwarded my security video secretly hoping to see more action. I was really feeling confused at that moment, unfortunately or fortunately, I didn’t find any more hard pounding sex with the young studs and my wife. The fact she did this and hasn’t said anything to me, makes me suspicious that something else must be going on or she is hiding something. I became suspicious of everything and watched for any clue or mis-step that would... At this moment, however, she would have given anything at all for him to leave her alone.She felt his thick fingers probing at the only spot on her body that wasn’t furry. His claws were retracted so that his finger slid easily into her hot passage.Wulfee inhaled sharply, feeling her ears burn with humiliation and anger. He was violating her, his finger wiggling around inside her. She tried to squeeze her knees together tightly to stop him, but he used his superior strength to force her legs apart, placing his knee between hers, his thick finger going deeper into the moist heat of her... She looked at him with fresh fear in her eyes as he told her to sit in the passenger seat as he pulled in and parked next to a big Peterbilt, whose driver was already staring at her with a lustful expression on his face. Master looked at me and said “Keep her right where she is, I’ll be back in a minute.” I nodded as he opened the door and jumped down, slamming it shut behind him.She looked at me, and again started to reach for her clothes. I said just one word in a harsh voice, “Don’t”. She sat back and looked at me for a second, and then in that tiny frail voice asked “Why?” After a...
  116. RicharddioksUM

    2021-10-05 00:50:37
    I was soo tense while doing her shirt, I was extremely wet and y hands were shaking. I finally got to open her shirt and to my surprise she wasnt wearing any bra. She stepped back and said ‘ so u like them ‘ I was socked of how huge they r and her nipples were hard as rockets and the aourloa were large like some sweet pancake, I looked down and I saw her pink thug she was wearing, and it was a see through and I couldnt believe it how soft she was ALL SHAVEN, the Brazilian way. He seemed to me to be well versed in the rules of engagement, in the rules of action, as if for him it wouldn’t be a novel experience. My nakedness didn’t feel awkward under the close-up monitoring of another person. Our mutual nakedness or perhaps convoluted desire canceled out any bewilderment that might have arisen under circumstances.I stepped into the water. It was welcomingly warm. I slinked down, water whelmed me in cozy, translucent clothes. Timidly, I spread my legs out. Esther lowered herself down and her own legs touched mine. Her skin was suave. The imminent future was... )In fact, while Ray was coupled-up with me, I managed to keep myself at such a high level of mental sexual excitement, that I was able to make myself cum more than once.And Ray eventually ended up making his fourth deposit into the back vault of my vaginal sperm bank that day, without him ever having to thrust his penis in and out of my sore vagina at all.Ironically, that turned out to be one of the most intense and erotic sexual experiences that Ray and I had ever shared together, up until that time.Well, the good news was that my menstrual period finally came about a week or...
  117. BullyPalslD

    2021-10-05 02:03:25 - gabapentin uses
  118. JimmysafFJ

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    Debra wrestles Luna to the mud, and Luna feels Debras thigh as it presses against her bare pussy. Debra rubs her thigh between Lunas legs, making Lunas pussy hotter and wetter. Debras hand slips between Lunas legs, and she lightly brushes against Lunas swollen clit. Luna moans softly. Tori grabs Debras bra strap and rips it from her shoulder. She tugs firmly on the mud covered lace bra until it rips from Debras body. Debras large firm breasts stand proudly, Tori grips both breasts with her hands, and firmly pinches Debras large pink nipples. Debra screams in pain. Luna grunts as Debras finger slips into her mud covered pussy. Debra furiously pumps her finger in and out of Lunas wet pussy slit. Luke was anxious to get home. Everyone just assumed that he just wanted to get home to fuck his hot girlfriend and even hotter wife and he did have to admit that was part of the reason. Ok a big part.The main reason though was that he knew that they were scheduled for invasion soon and from the spies that Marion had sent into Norway, he knew that the historical invasion was still on track. Luke wanted to get back so that they could get ready for it. Before he could leave through, he had to deal with some more rebellious nobles.This time they had acquired some firearms on the black market. Fortunately for Lukes army; the nobles didnt know how to use the guns they had gotten and they also didnt have any way to get more ammunition for them.Some of them had managed to get the secret to making gun powder, but because Lukes guns required a primer to fire them The rest of the week wasnt too bad for Jake with someone occasionally trying to mess with him. After the third day when Jake had put the biggest of his co-workers against a wall after he tried to grab his shoulder, nobody had really tried anything further. Tommy had stood there his mouth agape shaking his head as he walked up to Jake. Ok I believe you now and I think the others realise that you arent the pansy they thought you were he stated with a huge smile on his face. Jake almost couldnt believe that he had done it either, the knowledge had been there and the ability also, it had just been easy. Now that he thought about it (carefully as Gen was always listening) how was he able to keep up with the daily super doses of sex with Gen.
  119. spiflicate8458146

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    ""When you first saw me you saved my life without knowing it and kept me safe without you i would of been killed I will tell more later." she blew a dust and i grew tired my eyes closed.Waking up in bed i looked at my clock only been in bed an hour least it was a dream and went back to sleep.When i saw Lilly next over this following week i was little more relaxed round her this time but i was not going to talk to her about my weird dream of her.Her eye colour had changed to a blue she must of changed the contacts so i just let her talk and it was just general chit chat, it was... This is actually a true story that goes back to summer of 2008. There was a marriage in my neighborhood, and luckily I had those leaves at my outstation office to make it to home. I reached an evening before the marriage date, so found everyone way too consumed in preparations, as the neighbors are a good family friend. Well, I met a few guys that evening and then was off to bed. The next morning, I woke up, was asked to dress up and be there for any arrangement if needed. Well, I made it to the marriage place and was helping guys out. Among my neighbors, I was usually poked up by an... Van Dyke Ms. Sexton walk pass the girls’ locker room and overhear some soft moaning. They look inside the room and sees Chelsea in the shower with a dildo up her ass, holding a camcorder. Chelsea is voluptuous young redhead with pale skin and freckles on her. She wears her hair in pigtails. Ms. Van Dyke clears her throat get Chelsea’s attention. The busty blond schoolteacher has on a black blazer, matching skirt with a white blouse. She wears her hair in a bun. Ms. Van Dyke is quite voluptuous with a tight ass.Her colleague, Ms. Sexton has on a white blouse with blue skirt. She has long...
  120. seismology4102600

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    I cant believe it andI so want to tell someone but at this moment Im enjoying thekiss. My mind is racing and Im thinking of all the possibilities.So he leans me back and starts to kiss me. Ive never been kissedso passionately before. I feel this tingly feeling go allover my body and now I have goosebumps. I remind you, Im stilla virgin and many of the girls on my squad are "doingit" already with their boyfriends. One of them evenhad an abortion! Its not something we talk about but it didcreate a lot of drama on our squad at this one time. I am afraid of getting pregnant... The chemistry exam. It was my last year at high school .I was at school two hours before the exam. It was the exercise hour of one of the first grades . There in that class was a boy that is very beautiful . His name is Alex. Has blond hair, brown eyes,a beautiful mouth and a rounded ass and fleshy legs. He is in a style that every one would be aroused by watching him. He was my dream during the year. Always I would prefer him to my friends in the school. Yes it was the exercise hour for them, but something was unusual. He was not out, he was in the class. As soon as I realized this, I... “Here it cums!” I moaned as I fell down on top of her. I cupped her little ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her tightly against me while pushing my hips forward, taking her as deeply as possible. I held myself there, motionlessly except for the throbbing of my spurting cock. Jets of hot, sticky, thick black baby batter splattered the inside of her pussy, totally filling what little space it could find and oozing out at our union. I only regretted it would go to waste; and then fantasized of a day when I could actually impregnate her. When finished, I pulled out and moved up to her mouth...
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    whats gabapentin
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    As I gaped at her pussy, I thought, “Oh my God, dare I hope……”When she hooked her fingers in the waist band and started pulling her panties down, I could see.“Oh sweet Jesus, her muff is exactly the same red color as her hair.”She turned around again with her ass almost in my face, the thong sunk in her crack.She bent over a little closer and to my joy and amazement, slowly pulled them down, giving me a close up view of her glorious pussy.I saw a few more auburn hairs around her slit and up between her cheeks.It was all I could do not to grab her and bury my face in that fabulous ass! I... He was crouched behind one of the armchairs in the Griffindor common room, his legs aching almost as much as the bulge in his trousers. It was late, and only a few candles remained spluttering around the room, the rest long burnt down and extinguished. Occasionally, a flare of red late would illuminate the room as Harry’s wand released a few red sparks as he tapped it against his leg to slow the shakes in his hand. It was the night before an exam, so he knew Hermione would be down in the library, staying long past everyone else, so he continued to let the minutes creep past as he lied in... Another Friday night on the road, only 400 miles to go to deliver my load Monday morning. Nothing to do but cruise the radio. Plenty of time to look for some good, hot man sex. Sitting in my Volvo/White at the 76 In Texarkana. Freshly showered, powdered, and perfumed. 59-185 lbs of Daddy Bear Trucker. I had jerked myself off in the shower but was still more than horny enough to take on any load that my come my way.
  123. Virgultum3618039

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    And…I..." he paused, looking me in the eyes. "I need to think about us, what we did the other night. I enjoyed myself a lot. A lot more than I expected, and I’m not sure how she would like knowing about us, and I’m not ready to give up what we did, and …I guess I’d like to do what we did again..."I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t beating faster. Going from a sinking feeling of disappointment to a surprising feeling of happiness sat hearing his words. I shocked him, and myself as I leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips.THAT brought silence.Suddenly embarrassed and unsure, I...
  124. FryerTuck2412749

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    "Do you trust me?""What are you going to do?" she asked with a half smile."Do you trust me? he insisted.With a sigh, "yes"."Close your eyes." She did so, slowly, the smile still on her lips. Taking a breath, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.At first, he was merely kissing that smile. Firm, nervous. Soon, however, those perfect lips softened. Then parted slightly. Slowly, furtively his tongue tasted the inside of her lip. His gentle probe meeting no resistance, he pressed further. As he did, her lips parted more fully and their tongues met. Both sighing as their...
  125. Peneplain3562397

    2021-10-06 15:40:47
    I know from talking with her that she is divorced. Her husband left her a few years ago for a younger 20 something model. She has always flirted with me and I have flirted back. It was about quarter to five when my phone rang. It was Kristen, she told me she is about an hour and half away and that she would stop by and bring me the information. Six o’clock came in no time and I got up to freshen up. Everybody had left the office. It made me mad that I was working so many damn hours and everyone else leaves at five. As I walked out of the men’s room, I looked out the door and saw...
  126. Leon1021408186

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    I really don’t get involved in my husband’s business but have met many of his clients and occasionally run some errands for him. Patrick, his client, lived in a very exclusive neighborhood in a wonderful house on a large estate. He was obviously successful but I don’t know what he did or what the papers were that I was delivering to him. It was a hot day so I dressed lightly in a white sundress with the idea of going shopping at the mall after I delivered the papers. Patrick met me at the door wearing a robe. He was a big burly man in his sixties, a bit of a pot belly but ruggedly handsome...
  127. Quidity2094685

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    I knew he’d do almost anything to please them as he was struggling to make money. Little did I know what he had in mind while I was in the bathroom? The following is an account from one of the photographers in the group No sooner had the bathroom door closed behind you, your wife looked across at the owner of the studio in a nervous manner. Now she was on her own dressed in just her tiny undies with her gorgeous body on display. She could not fix her eyes through being so nervous but the owner was not going to miss this opportunity to save his credibility. He quickly suggested to her...
  128. succubus1341112

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    Then it came to me; I remembered how excited I became reading about Vivian and Jessica. I felt like I was now Vivian.Pete spread her lips apart and began stroking into her hairy slit. His fingers paid special attention to her swollen hooded little bead. She moaned more, and louder. I undid my blanket and reached into my robe and between my legs. I probably should have put my pjs back on after showering, but I figured they would be off quick enough for my massage, so why bother. Another benefit to not wearing pjs; it’s less inhibiting for my hand to snake its way between my legs. After...
  129. nibin662590

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    They caught on her boots and it took him some time to work the leg openings over the large boot tops. She stood there patiently, enjoying his struggle. She knew he could feel the wetness of the panties, smelling her musk. He was getting impatient to bury his face in her softness but she stood there, not helping, just waiting while he struggled with the panties. Finally he got them to her ankles and she leaned over, resting her hand on his shoulder as she lifted each foot, one by one, pulling them free of the panties while he held them firmly in his teeth. He was inordinately pleased by his...
  130. darkseed2888940

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    The Vice-Principal savoured the sight of her nemesis in this sexually vulnerable and available pose, and took more pictures from several angles of her boss, who was now naked apart from her shoes, the skirt up around her waist and the large bra from which her huge tits had been extracted. Then Jacquelyn put the camera away in her bag and withdrew her favourite and largest strap-on – one which she had not had any opportunity to use on another woman for many months. She stripped off her flimsy thong and buckled the dildo in its place, over the straps of her suspender belt. The bitch’s cunt is so...
  131. nidatory4081455

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    “Well sir, they both broke up with me because they were tired of hearing about you.” I said continuing my pouty look. “Is that so?” He said smirking a bit. I felt as though my opening was finally there and I didn’t want to miss it, so I started to lean forward. He without a doubt saw my advance because he gripped the back of my head and pulled me to his face. My body was tingling as our lips had finally touched. I had wanted this for so very long and now that it was here, I swear I was having a mini orgasm just from a kiss. I placed both my hands on his lap, and I could feel his dick... My pants were bulging noticeably now and I didn’t try to hide my arousal. When I arrived in front of her at the door her hand went immediately to my pants and she held my cock in her hand through the thin fabric.She slowly began to speak again in a soft whisper while she continued to gently stoke my hard on.“I could hear Dawn moaning quietly at first, John.”The way she personalized the details by adding my name to the statement made it obvious her intent was to arouse me.“I could only imagine through the door that her boyfriend was stroking her pussy from the outside of her panties, like... test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test again test...
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    Nicki Prince sat nervously in the corner of Dr. Nadlers office wishing for the life of her that she was any place but there!!! Momentarily lost in thought, she jumped a little when the doctors nurse burst into the room and offered, You must be Nicki, Im Meg Kean, and Im Dr. Nadlers nurse, so, what can we do for you today, Nicki!?! Nicki was a little taken aback at Meg Keans enthusiasm, but after finally regaining her bearings she replied softly, Well, uh, its a female problem!!! I see, the nurse replied while getting out her pen to make notes on Nickis chart, and what exactly are your symptoms!?! Nicki turned a bright shade of red, and while staring at the floor replied softly, Its kinda embarrassing, can I just wait and tell the doctor about it!?! Cynthia gasps as Roberts cock slowly penetrates her from behind. She kneels on the couch. Her elbows resting on the armrest. Her big tits dangled down, her small tee had been pulled up so he could easily play with them. Her shorts lay on the floor where Rob had casually tossed them. Last night was the second time they had sex. Now this was the second time today. Just like the last two times, her need, her lust, controlled her body. Forcing her to submit to her roommate, regardless of the fact that she was a lesbian. And what was a lesbian that craved cock? Cindy didnt know. All she... The ApartmentMai unrolled the wad of notes and peeled off $1200 in $100 notes. Four weeks rent at $150 and a months bond of $600. Just what my daughter Yen wants. Only a 100 metre walk to Uni and its furnished. Shes got 99.98 in her VCE and got into medicine. This means she will be so close to Uni and can study real hard. I nodded at the 35 year old Vietnamese women and her 18 year old daughter and 51 year old grandmother Binh. Mai was about 5 foot one, a little overweight with fullish breasts for a Vietnamese and although she made every effort to dress stylishly in her black...
  133. Tarradiddle7336390

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    -Part One -Laying in bed on her side Ellie shivered slightly and pulled the sheet tighter around herself but didnt stir.The window swung open slowly and soft light bathed the room as the curtains parted.The swell of Ellies ample chest and large dark nipples strained against the fabric of the sheet as the chill encircled her more.A slight figure, long limbed with angular eyes slid into the room in silence its stare fixated on Ellie.Ellie stirred and opened her eyes to see the figure bent over her, its breath smelt salty and felt cold on her face.She tried to scream but no sound... It had been mouths since Id seen Matt. We still sent texts and talked on the phone now and then, but that was about it. He was just wrapping up his first year of college, so it was understandable that he was busy with classes and living the college life. As for me and John, hes still finding reasons to be out of town or at the office, but were still going through the motions of a marriage. Its kind of frustrating actually. John was still fucking me whenever he was home and being polite on the surface, so it wasnt like I had clear grounds to leave him. The mysterious phone calls from women... Im Callie and I have a friend named Jeanette. Were best friends and have had a select few small arguments, but thats it. Her parents got divorced 3 years before I met her in high school just before we were Juniors. My dad died when I was little and I live with my mom. We all live in New Jersey, where Jeanette and I are both in college and inseparable. Im 24 and she is 23, but she still lived with her dad John. Hes 42, but looked more like 35 honestly, and I thought he was a little attractive to me anyway. I had a thing for him, but didnt wanna risk ruining my friendship with Jeanette, but I...
  134. Tarradiddle7336390

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    -Part One -Laying in bed on her side Ellie shivered slightly and pulled the sheet tighter around herself but didnt stir.The window swung open slowly and soft light bathed the room as the curtains parted.The swell of Ellies ample chest and large dark nipples strained against the fabric of the sheet as the chill encircled her more.A slight figure, long limbed with angular eyes slid into the room in silence its stare fixated on Ellie.Ellie stirred and opened her eyes to see the figure bent over her, its breath smelt salty and felt cold on her face.She tried to scream but no sound... It had been mouths since Id seen Matt. We still sent texts and talked on the phone now and then, but that was about it. He was just wrapping up his first year of college, so it was understandable that he was busy with classes and living the college life. As for me and John, hes still finding reasons to be out of town or at the office, but were still going through the motions of a marriage. Its kind of frustrating actually. John was still fucking me whenever he was home and being polite on the surface, so it wasnt like I had clear grounds to leave him. The mysterious phone calls from women... Im Callie and I have a friend named Jeanette. Were best friends and have had a select few small arguments, but thats it. Her parents got divorced 3 years before I met her in high school just before we were Juniors. My dad died when I was little and I live with my mom. We all live in New Jersey, where Jeanette and I are both in college and inseparable. Im 24 and she is 23, but she still lived with her dad John. Hes 42, but looked more like 35 honestly, and I thought he was a little attractive to me anyway. I had a thing for him, but didnt wanna risk ruining my friendship with Jeanette, but I...
  135. Rondure2929752

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    This is the sequel to Sarah left me 1 to 8. You will understand better if you read them first.Angie didnt get home next morning until about 10:00am. Slut and I were anxiously waiting for her to get home, because Sarah would not tell us about the changes that she wanted us to make until we were all together.When she did get home she ran into the house stark naked. She explained:Harriet and I spent all night fucking Paul and his mate, Kevin. Wed fuck, then wed fall asleep, then someone would wake up and wed swap partners and fuck again. Finally, this morning, when I went looking... Muutterfuucckkeer...Thhhhhhhhaaaat hhhhhhuuurrrrrtttttttttttsss, I screamed as best as I could with Ghosts long thin fuck stick trying to enter my stomach thru my mouth. Tears were running freely down my cheeks as I choked and gagged on Ghosts 10 plus inches of uncut meat as he shoved in in and out of my throat, grabbing two fist fulls of hair on the back of my head and forceing my face into his groin. I had no idea who was forceing thier cock into my un-lubricated asshole, I just knew it fucking hurt. I love anal, but god damn guys, lube me up first!! I grabbed ahold of Ghosts nuts and... TERMStinton - 2 1/2 secondsspecton - 2 1/2 minutesToton - 2 1/2 hoursminton - 2 1/2 daysdaycon - 2 1/2 weeksMalant - 2 1/2 monthsquant - 2 1/2 yearsgalant - 2 1/2 centuriesMetson - 2 1/2 inchesmaclon - 2 1/2 feetheckson - 2 1/2 milestetson - 2 1/2 acresunit - 2 1/2 ccsTac - 2 1/2 poundsMayan Termsnohchil - ChiefAhau - Kingkaat - Claimkiimil - Deathtaakin - goldCharactersBill Axor (AKA Ambrose) - Lion clan, Cit-Chac-CohKing Tomco Traxor - Bills dead father, Lion clanKing Tobias Traxor - Bills dead brother, Lion clanQueen Trianna Axor...
  136. ArhOsteal3250414

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    Mixed Metaphors IIThe group all went into the house. Mrs. Davis said, Coffee anyone?I would love a cup of your coffee Mrs. Davis, said Tony.Cream and sugar?No mam… black would be fine.Please sit here Tony.Thank you sir.Call me Bill. Sir always makes me feel old.I understand Si… sorry Bill. Some people at work call me Sir also, and somehow it just doesnt feel right.What do you do Tony?Uh … Janitor.Thats a good job. Are you in the union?Becky had just come out from the kitchen carrying a pot of coffee, some cups and cream and sugar.Daddy…... So like Ive said in the past, Ive gotten my girl on the idea of taking more than one cock.Shes still in high school and has 36 DDs, long legs, and a nice bubble ass.Even shes only taken two different guys dicks in her ass, mine and the dude in the previous thread, she loves to have cock in her pussy.So heres something that gets me even harder thinking about when I fuck her.This is 100% true and happened just last Tuesday, the 21st of September.Hope you enjoy.A week ago, she told me she was leaving 3rd period with a couple of friends that are guys. Well call them Daniel and... It was the morning after the party and Casey had just woken up Casey was still naked from last night she got out of the bed and walked into the living room still naked she looked around the appartment for something to eat but she couldnt find anything in Jays appartment. All three of them lived in the appartment but the reason it was Jays appartment is because he pays most of the bills and taxes.Casey: fuck that was some night last night that threesome with Jay and Kelly was awesome i mean it was Jays first time and he fucked like had been doing it all the time I mean the way he fucked...
  137. Popadalov9930526

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    The sweat was running down his face from his exertions, he looked at her reclining body as he regained his breath.You should do that more often, my love, it was so good the smile on her face widening as she spoke.Thats ok for you to say, you are not the one doing all the effort!Her laughing was almost causing her to spill her beer, I told you to take it easy, and that tree has been there for years. He looked back at the downed tree and the chippings from the axe he had used to cut it down and smiled, Well it needed to come down before it fell down as he gratefully accepted... This is a true story, told as closely to how it actually happened as my old memory will allow.Back in the mid-1980s, I was newly divorced, beginning to explore my bisexual interests, and very, very horny.I had seen some TV film loops in adult bookstores (usually while getting my cock sucked through a gloryhole), had bought and enjoyed TV stroke books, and had done a little crossdressing in panties.I loved the silky feel, and enjoyed fucking my ass with a small dildo while watching TV porn videos in my living room.I was on a business trip to San Jose CA, just down the road from San... Of course you would see guys that way. I explained to her with a smile. You live with Carson, and have to experience the Carter family. From what Ive heard... Theyre not the best example of guys. I regained my serious composure. But that doesnt mean you can paint all guys with the same brush. If I was a girl and was telling you the same story, you would totally be on my side. Thats a little sexist, dont you think?...
  138. fdfzi3218358

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    Jennifer, would you please come in here and bring your pad!?! Right away Mrs. Burke, Jenny Olson answered into the intercom sitting on the corner of her desk, while scooping up her dictation pad and several extra pencils, Im on my way!!! Jenny could tell right away that Mrs. Burke wasnt interested in dictation at all as her skirt was pulled up around her waist and her legs were spread wide apart revealing her pantiless crotch glistening with moisture along the length of her puffy slit!!! Without being told, Jenny snapped the latch on the door, and after checking to make sure that it was... Kori staying the night with me wasnt even debated by anyone; she didnt feel comfortable leaving me for my sake. Its an interesting sleeping arrangement with Kori in pain and me not able to touch her without hurting her which left me in the awkward position of being in bed with her but not being able to hold her. I get to sleep at some point and wake up Saturday morning with Kori wrapped around me for a change keeping me on the bed. The majority of the day is me wanting to run out and bring hell with me but Kori keeps me grounded at my house and playing nurse to her requests for most of the... The steel posture collar chilled my neck and my belly raged hot as I kneeled on Andre Gregorys living room floor.He clasped the collars other two locks before circling around me, his eyes taking me in, my body bare except for the collar hed just closed around my neck and locked.Id read about things like this. While such stories intrigued me, Id never imagined myself in such a position; being bold enough to yield control to another human being, to subject myself to their dominance, their desires.Andre turned his back to me again, his hand disappearing into the box, this time drawing...
  139. Demonologist6713150

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    MY SECRET LIFE BY WALTERVOLUME-2Chapter IIUndressing. • Silk stockings and garters. • A tough virginity. • Triumphant. • Sanguinary proofs. • The second entry. • My foreskin. • Twenty-four hours fucking. • Gamahuching. • Six days pleasure. • Camille returns.The bonnet will be home, said I, let us go. Allons, allons, so off we went. It was dusk when we got in the cab. I am to put on the stockings if I give you a pair, and to feel, I said. No man has, cest trop fort, you ask too much; you may put on garters below the knee. Why not above? Oh! quite different, said she, in the... It was a dark and stormy night as three young and beautiful nuns with big breasts and butts known as Sister Jessica, Sister Gina, and Sister Desiree were doing their regular practices at the holy church. It was the night of Halloween and they were advised by tradition to not involve themselves in this dark holiday as Halloween is the one night where the barrier between the physical world and the spiritual world is lifted and the beings that reside in these realms can intermingle with each other. While Sisters Gina and Jessica adhered to this sacred rule, Desiree was curious with the idea... a few days later i woke up in bed but harvey wasnt there. i got out of bed and said baby? when i walked out are room there was a bag packed and harvey was by the door i said hey babe where are you going? harvey looked at me and said leon im sorry i dont love you anymore (these words felt like i just been cut with the sharpest knife) i looked at harvey and said what and started breathing heavey and started crying really hard harvey said im sorry im leaving you harvey opened the door and picked up his bag i ran to him and said harvey please dont leave me i love you please dont go harvey looked...
  140. Liiy4065994

    2021-10-08 15:56:27
    We both looked at her pussy as she stood up and although she had never trimmed or shaved, she sported a neat little triangle of dark hair which looked fine.Julie made her lie on the floor and spread her legs.I watched in silence as Julie clicked on the electric trimmers and began to remove the excess hair.The buzzing of the trimmers (as I would find out shortly) had a positive effect on Anji and she laughed out loud and said, ‘Oh my god, that’s a nice feeling!’We all laughed and Julie added that this was a major reason for her shaving!Within a minute or so, Anji was left with only... How are you doing?”I allowed my hand to subtly stroke over the front of his pants and the hard cock underneath.“I’m doing wonderfully.”I giggled, “I feel like my pussy is squishing.But, I am ready for next two.”I turned to him, “Thank you, Bob.”He only smiled and handed me to the sales guys who took me into one of their offices.They unbuckled their pants and dropped them to their feet.I moved in front of Jim, quickly taking his semi-hard cock into my mouth while taking Dan’s cock into my right hand.I slowly stroked Dan’s cock as my mouth slowly stroked Jim’s.After several minutes, I... ” You pick her up in a bar late at night, take her to a motel, and have the best sex of your life only to wake up in the morning and have her gone. You didn’t even get her name or phone number. Then for weeks afterwards you mop around about the love of your life that got away. You always thought that you were a “player” and that true love was a just a hoax. You search that same bar every night for a month afterwards hoping to find her again.Well my story isn’t too much different from those.I had just gotten a promotion at work and was celebrating by myself. I didn’t have any friends...
  141. Circumfuse8791839

    2021-10-08 17:21:15
    I stood up and grabbed her hand lifting her with me. She rose to my level and I placed my hands on her shoulders. As I leant in I spoke, “You’re the most sophisticated and beautiful woman I’ve met in my life, you’re not a failure. You’re amazing”. As I finished she stood silently and her eyes widened. Suddenly before I could even react, she planted her mouth firmly on my own and grasped the back of my head with one hand and clawed at my chest with the other. I was quite taken, however I immediately took advantage of the situation and pulled her hips towards me kissing relentlessly in rhythm... Renee kept asking Bobby if he would do this or that to Tallia as She absolutely loved what it did for her. Tallia for all her excitement kept asking things like "What will it feel like?" and "Will i know instantly if we conceive?" Finally they approached the east entrance of the colony and Bobby lead them out the gate.As they passed the gate the guards inside knew instantly what was going on when they saw the 2 naked women and Bobby walking along with his loin cloth leading the way. He lead them out away from the colony for a short distance until they came to a clearing with a small creek... I had just sat down in a local restaurant after receiving another email response to an advertisement I had placed on an adult web site.The adult website was a lot like face book, but adult themed. I had put on my profile that I was looking for playmates, friends with benefits or a long term relationship. I tried making friends but after months I was getting tired of trying to be polite. The advert I placed was for rough anonymous sex. I had just finished meeting the first person to respond to the Ad, my cock still shrinking. She had been fun and I told her I would be open to another romp....
  142. Pallium3251929

    2021-10-08 20:06:31
    I pressed down, just a hint, and enjoyed the grunting sound he made. I went inside then, leaving him wanting more for once. When the day Trouble Note was to play came, I made sure to be ready and look my best. I started my day with two cups of tea and a large blueberry muffin I had picked up from the bakery down the street. The rest of the day, I took care of my class assignments and got ready. I slipped on my new black bra, with the lacey frills and hot pink accents. A black thong finished my unmentionable ensemble. Next, I put on a pair of black jeans that hugged my ass, with a studded... Will she agree? Sunday after our session with Willow I sat Ruth down. I thought we should calm down a little. We had seemed to be delving deeper into weird sex. Ruth asked me a simple question. “Can you tell me honestly that you didn’t enjoy our Gothic adventure or your time with Willow?” I sat there trying to find the words. In the end I had to admit that, yes, I found being tied up and watching her being used and then being used in return by Willow was great. Bugger, I had no argument against. “I thought so” said Ruth triumphantly “I knew you were enjoying the sex play. I knew it as soon... “I’m fine, it’s just… well it was all too much for me. I have never felt quite so… I don’t know.” I thought that her reticence in saying the words that described her getting close to orgasm was perhaps a hangover from her upbringing where sex and all the parts that go with it are a dirty word and something to be ashamed of.And then, I knew, Helen was afraid of experiencing a full on climax, as if it were some hidden line in the sand that she dared not cross. Perhaps she thought it would be the ultimate betrayal of her marriage, as if being in bed with me wasn’t. Perhaps it was the fear of a...
  143. orienceLG

    2021-10-08 22:06:42 - Prednisone
  144. Virilescence8321889

    2021-10-09 03:12:51
    Give us a kiss and we will see you Monday.Be good and listen to your Grandpa.OK, OK, OK Sandra said.They both laughed and said we will see you Monday dad.Sandy and Ralph watched them pull out of the drive and waved goodby. OK Ralph said, Take your bag up stairs. My big bed room is at the end of the hall.You have three bed rooms to choose from.They all have clean sheets and a TV.So which ever one you want is fine with me.Ralph watched his grandaughter walk up the stairs and thought about what a beautiful girl she is becoming.He turned the TV on in the living room and started... I told Toby that I wasn’t sure about going to where he worked. Of course I was interested but I was afraid Trever may have been bragging or something. I was worried how the other staff would look at me. Of course Trevor was very nice but boys will be boys. However I couldn’t really come up with a good reason not to go. I decided to get dressed up. We headed for the restaurant. Toby seemed eager for me to see where he worked so I guess I was being mother.We walked in the all the staff were saying hello. Toby introduced me to everyone. The manager came out to see what all the noise was about.... When it gets real bad you get yourselves over here and we’ll take care of you.”As he said that he was rubbing his crotch and grinning. The other guys were smiling as well.Unsurprisingly both Piper and I were a bit pissed. We wanted to be horny all the time, and get a lot of sex; but we wanted it under our terms; not because some creeps had drugged us. Piper got up, pulled me up and told the guys to ‘fuck off’. We left them but as we walked further towards the stage area we soon got over being pissed and laughed as we agreed that whatever it was that they’d got us to drink was working; we...
  145. NarcCop2005194

    2021-10-09 04:31:36
    I’m 43 and I am comfortably married, not happily married mind you but comfortably. I like my wife. I guess I love her, but I love her like I love my sister. No, that’s not true. When my sister hit puberty and suddenly grew big tits I was obsessed with them. But now that my sister is older, fat, and married that doesn’t happen anymore. Anyway my wife takes care of the house well and my children are being raised well so why fuck with it when I can fuck around. I sell pharmaceuticals and I make frequent overnight business trips which gets me away from my wife and with a good excuse. My job is to... Een meisje loopt over straat. Ze is helemaal rood van de hitte. ze ziet een man met een lange jas. Ze loopt naar hem toe. De man trekt zijn jas open en hij vraagt: Mag ik mijn sneeuwblazer in jou sneeuwnetje stoppen?meisje"in mijn sneeuwnetje?" "Wil je?" vraagt de man"Ja hoor, dan heb ik het tenminste niet meer zo warm"De man en het meisje lopen naar een oud schuurtje. Ze gaan naar binnen. "Trek je kleren maar uit en ga met je benen wijd op de grond zitten."Het meisje doet wat haar gevraagd word.Het meisje ziet de sneeuwblazer waar de man het over had. "Wat zijn die twee dingen... It was my all-time favorite chocolate cake smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce. Merriam served everyone but me and then sat down to enjoy her dessert. I thought, okay here it is, payback will be me not getting dessert. How juvenile is that on her part? However, before Merriam ever took a bite of her dessert, she looked over at me and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, Sean, I thought Karen had gotten your desert. Wait just a minute while I get yours.”When Merriam returned, she placed my dessert in front of me and smiled, "I know how much you enjoy my chocolate desserts. I made this especially for you."...
  146. KrakenBite2964994

    2021-10-09 05:50:33
    Harry nodded well i would like to have Griphook and Reaver working on my accounts please. The goblin looked stund, to request a goblin by name was astounding but trusting a teller with your money was underd of. The Goblin wisperd into another ear then userd them into a conference room. Reaver and Griphook entered with stuned looks on their faces both thanked Harry for the oppertunity."Now that we have all of this all sorted out how much do you think that buying the daily prophet would cost? Harry asked. Both goblins conversed wett Lord Potter you already own 20% of it Lord Black owns... She became curious of other terms that were tagged; pegging, CBT, and sissy. Her mind whirled. She felt her blood boiling as the moisture in her panties had increased. She loved researching new kinks and fetishes; they always gave her something new to think about when she would masturbate. She loved the idea of all these things being done to her. But, the new words, they weren’t for her. Why then, did she love these more? Sophi found herself wasting no time in learning all about these new play styles and how best to do them. She had already looked up rope play, along with edging and denial.... S. soldiers and a band of warriors from the Apache tribe. Dressed in full battle regalia the Indians looked more than ferocious as they swung axes and threw spears at the blue suited infantry soldiers. For more than twenty minutes the battle raged on and the audience more than got their money’s worth as the soldiers defended themselves against the horse riding attackers! An announcer on a public address system described the action in vivid detail, which only added to the color and excitement of the event. When the last Apache was finally vanquished and a lone bugler played taps over his fallen...
  147. SorKnight5426486

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    It was a standard bathroom; cozy fluffy matt, blue and green tiles, a large combined shower and bath taking up the back wall next to a sizeable window. Next to the toilet were a sink and cabinet with products and soap laid around the taps.After I had peed, I wiped myself and noticed my pussy still swollen with arousal and just a little tender form its finger fuck. I flushed the toilet and stood in front of a large mirror over the sink and looked at myself. My face was flushed and I had a big grin pasted across my face. My eyeliner, although a little smudged still made me look sexy as hell... Missed calls from their parents, other family members, and even their friends. They ignored all of them though, and even turned their phones off in case of being tracked. Maxynn was feeling bad, her dad already lost their mom and now he was losing her too. But, if they couldn’t accept her love for Holden, they couldn’t stay there any longer. Holden began thinking of what Maxynn had said during their argument with their parents. “Maxynn?” He began. “Did you really mean what you said to your dad? About loving me and all?” She looked nervous and said, “Holden, I do. I do love you. I love you... ”“Yes, Mistress,” Greg replied, embarrassed at calling his wife ”Mistress” in front of his mother.However, balancing his embarrassment against the punishment he knew he would receive, he complied immediately.“Greggie,” Katy continued, “remove your clothing.Aren’t you supposed to be naked in the house?Don’t be embarrassed, your mother has seen you naked before.”When he hesitated, Katy continued, “If you hesitate I’ll have to punish you.Do it and I’ll reward you before Mother leaves.Take off your clothing, NOW!”Greg was terrified; he hated being shocked, and the shocks in his balls...
  148. Papaur5228776

    2021-10-09 16:57:27
    Young children have young mothers, generally. Being a single parent I took every opportunity to visit all of the parks in our town. For a small out of the way community we had four places for our children to play. The elementary school had a very nice solid wooden play gym, the high school had a nice field to run around on, and the main Community Park had a bunch of slides and swings. Then there was the park with a swimming pool. They had a good size pool for the older children but they had a six-inch deep pool for the younger children. That’s where I liked to take my two-year-old daughter... It was several minutes before we were able to speak.“I need another shower…and it’s… all… your… fault.”I rose from the bed, bent over to pick her up, and carried her to the shower.We kissed and kissed as the hot water ran over our bodies.I dried her, then myself, and we went back to bed.I had to laugh when I saw it.It looked like a hurricane had passed through.We worked together to make it then we climbed in naked, savoring the touch of skin on skin. As we fell into a deep sleep, the TV droning on all night.CHAPTER 4A month later not much had changed in terms of our sex life—we were... The way she walked around in the office was indeed funny and people got suspicious and asked her, she told that her ankle got twisted but later she told me her pussy and ass was sore from the battering she got from me the other day.It was almost a week that I didn’t fuck her, my cock was aching to be in her pussy and my lips aching to suck her pussy and boobs. It was Monday and our bosses were in head office , so I planned to use the situation to the full.On an excuse that I was looking for a book , I called her upstairs in our library which was situated in our MD’s room, which could be...
  149. Skulldugger5460211

    2021-10-10 00:06:35
    I nodded. Back to square one. But she was still in the black and white top. “And so if someone gives you the evil eye, what then, you slink away and put on a bra? What is there to be ashamed of?” A waiter, not the waitress, approached with the food. “Dinner’s up.” She sat forward, lifted her tits and sat them on the table in front of her.I had to sit back to make sure the poor guy had room to put down both plates, one a little closer to me. He looked only briefly at me. “Do you need anything else right now?” Val looked up and said no. He left.“I think he liked the show,” I said... Her husband, James, had been gone for so long, she couldn’t stand not being able to experience life and explore as a person. James had worked for only a few years as a world-famous travelling photograph in an upscale art registry. However, she felt the neglect, she knew that James had loved her, but he travelled so much while she waited and waited, not knowing that her husband had the same things in mind. It wasn’t that she hated or disliked her husband, it was the complete opposite. She and James had met in college, senior year, they quickly fell in love after sharing so many common... He put his hand on her thigh. “They get paid more, for doing more.” His hand came up slowly to her hip. He rested it there. She didn’t respond negatively to his touch at all. “Yeah, that’s right,” he said, moving his hand up further until he slowly ran his finger over her hard nipple. “You would be great.”She smiled and then looked over at the Boss. “I don’t think so,” he said. “Not right now anyway.” He laughed and stood up.“Too bad,” the man said, still holding onto her tit. “You would make a shitload of money.”“Dinner?” the Boss asked the group.“Sure,” was the reply.Carole picked...
  150. Libanomancy249316

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    Suddenly Anna realises she’s remembering the events of that night. Trying to shake herself out of them Anna struggles for a second before giving up, knowing that she will have to relive them until the end.Watching as if through another’s eyes Anna sees herself walk across the foyer books into the hotel and goes to her room, later she comes back down and goes to the bar and takes a seat, she orders a drink and looks round picking out the solitary men, after a second Anna turns back and orders another drink flirting with the bartender. After half an hour she starts to feel herself becoming... He looked down at the cute naked 13 year old sleeping next to him. Grinning he felt Ashley’s firm round buttocks pressing against his morning wood. He scrabbled around with his hand to find his cell phone and flipped it open. 7:14, he had time. Shifting his body down slightly Matt licked his fingers and inserted them between Ashley’s legs and into her cunt for lubrication. He then slipped his ready cock in place of his fingers, beginning the orgasmic grind. Despite the growing sensation in his lower area he noticed Ashley’s breathing getting faster. “Morning”“Morniaaaahhh” she replied as a... I swiveled my bra around and it too landed on the floor. Nature took over and I instantly covered my large boobs and blonde bushy pussy; thinking that the young stud might be put off by seeing a 38 year old woman naked. “What are doing, you silly cow?” Lewis laughed as he roughly stroked his long rod; “Show me your tits.” I no longer had any pride to lose so waved my arms in a Salome fashion as he devoured my mature body with his eyes.“Fucking hell Courtney you are a beaut!” The young lad whistled his appreciation, “now come and suck my dick.” I sashayed the couple of feet...
  151. Outfielder623133

    2021-10-12 12:24:01
    Ithank for bad and good coments andwill write more stories if you all wouldlike me to go on. If you would like itplease email me to do so. If not I guessI will stop writing. Next morning I got up my mother wasalready out of bed and I could hearher doing something in the kitchen. Iwalked there naked and she didn’thear me sneaking behind her. She wasjust so sexy in her night gown that she was wearing and her ass wasinviting me. I grabbed her from herstomach and slid my cock in herpussy. "My god, you scare…..d me! But don’tyou dare take that cock out of me.Fuck me...
  152. Wallace7935316

    2021-10-12 19:07:29
    I grasp both her thighs and pull her down until she is squatting over my face, once I can reach I start to lick and suck her pussy.She moans in delight at my ministrations as I suck the discharged cream from her cunt, slurping her delicious nectar into my mouth, savouring her wonderful flavour. I moan into her pussy, relishing in the wonderful attention of Maureen feasting noisily on my clit, doubly intense now I am eating out Alice. Jo kneels beside me, taking one of my nipples into her mouth, drawing the tightening puckered teat between her lips and wiggling her tongue back and forth...
  153. Embrocation5234192

    2021-10-12 22:26:41
    Okay?"Lori stopped sucking very suddenly. She stared up at George, wide-eyed. "You want me to suck your cock after it’s been up my ass? You must be kidding!" . George took her head in his hands and stared back at her. "I was told that you would go around the world. Mouth, pussy, ass and mouth. When you go around the world, you end up where you started off, okay? Look, they told me you’ll do just about anything. That’s what I’m paying you for." They held the stare for a long while, in silence. Lori thought about the money in her purse. Finally, she asked, "Can I take the condom off so you...
  154. Protesian3812868

    2021-10-13 05:09:05
    I could tell good times were ahead.On the next what was to be a party night Sue was having her period and a bad case of PMSSo we all just sat around, talked and had a few drinks.As usual the talk turned to sex.Sue asked Frank if he had enjoyed watching me fuck her in the ass. He admitted he had and planned on doing her back passage sometimes."Not unless I can do you first." she said."What do you mean?" he asked."I have this strap on I use on hubby sometimes." she answered. "He likes a good anal probe occasionally and bought this for me a while ago. The rod is bigger...
  155. Temenos6956095

    2021-10-13 08:30:00
    I ignored them. I needed to get to the hotel. Pushing myself back up I flashed my asshole at a small crowd and heard a scream then rapid footsteps. "OI! What the fuck man!"I thought I was about to be attacked but instead someone from the sauna had run out with a robe which he was trying to push my arms into. I fought him off and staggered off, scraping my shoulder against the brick wall of the shop next door. He tried again and managed to hang it from my shoulders and tie the belt around my waist. Using the wall as a support I made my way along the road. Heads turned to see me and...
  156. Confiteor3338709

    2021-10-13 11:49:14
    I smiled – it was the young professional from the first email. He came down the last three steps and we walked toward each other, I tried to say something in greeting but it came out a squeak. I tried again holding out my hand, "I’m Katie". He took my hand – he must have felt my shaking – and led me to the bed. "You sure you want to do this?" He askedI stammered a shy Yes and guided his hand to my wet panties. "I need it". He began stroking my sodden pussy through the sheer fabric, with his other hand he guided me down to sit on the bed. I looked up at him and he bent his head and we...
  157. Vespering3108524

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    Back in college, they played a game every week. They all decided to play a game before the bachelorette party. Each member of the foursome is well stacked with thin firm figures and just notable tight abs. They are wearing matching tennis shirts and miniskirts. Cynthia is a bubbly beauty with a sun kissed tan and curly blond hair. Jade is alluring Asian girl with a nice narrow behind and short brown hair. Ayesha is a glamorous golden brown beauty with long black pigtails. Priya is an enchanting shapely slender Indian with long black hair. The wedding planer, Bonnie joins them. She is on...
  158. Oleograph7200611

    2021-10-13 18:18:56
    Mom always joined in but I couldn?bring myself to fuck her. This lead to an interesting situation one night.Beryl and Mom held regular Bridge nights with 2 or 3 of their friends, Ann who was divorced, early 50?and had a nice tight ass, Barbara who was a bit older, nice slim body and Vera who had an even bigger pair of tits than Beryl, I am talking 48?hey were massive and I had always wanted to see them in the flesh.It was a Friday and they had been playing Bridge and drinking wine for a while when I dropped in to the flat, I let myself in as Mom had given me a key and went into the...
  159. Dastin25917117

    2021-10-13 21:30:30
    She was warm and wet and he didn’t even feel her teeth on is dick. It was amazing; his nine inch cock slid in her mouth all the way and touched the back of her mouth without her gagging. Exhaling sharply he had to keep himself from cumming then and there as she started sucking. He slid his hands into her red hair and looked into her green eyes. "Use your tongue..." he grunted. "Oh fuck yes..." he started to thrust his hips in and out of her warm willing mouth. His brown eyes looked down into her eyes that despite the fact that she was sucking his cock still looked innocent. His cock started...
  160. VaidTelary8067213

    2021-10-14 00:42:49
    The athlete grimaced and moaned. It made me harder seeing him how pleased he was."Brad," he said extending his hand, "This is Bill and Phil," nodding at the two cock-worshipers."Mario," I managed to say, still trying to overcome my trepidation.As I was standing next to the lustful trio stroking Brad’s left ass cheek, Jake came from behind and stroked my ass. He was so close, his body touched mine. He reached around and held my hard cock. I leaned against him trapping his cock between my crack and his belly. He rubbed against me while stroking my stick gently. He was hairy but...
  161. PeabAdytum9204466

    2021-10-14 07:09:11
    I was eighteen at the time and living home.I had a job at a convienece store. This man , around 37 or 38 , began coming in late, just before closing time, and would talk briefly with me. This went on three or four times per week for a couple of weeks. One night he asked me what I was doing after work, and asked if I would like to hang out, and have a few beers with him.Though I was pretty naive, I sensed an intrest by him that his intentions where more than just friendly. I felt a jolt of excitement go through me and quickly accepted. I wrapped things up and left the store. I followed him...
  162. Midgeabean319761

    2021-10-14 10:13:41
    I closed the door behind me as I entered the house. I leaned back against the door crying. I knew John was standing outside of the door."Please John just leave," I sobbed out from behind the door.I heard his truck pull from the driveway as I went to my bedroom. I sat down onto the bed and looked to my wrist. I rubbed where the diamond tennis bracelet John had given me once was. I had taken it off and placed it beside my glass of wine before I asked him to take me home.After seeing photos of his wife and him together, I saw how lovely his wife truly was. As I did, I only saw myself,...
  163. remington1761890

    2021-10-14 13:12:39
    Please be patient. Was watching a lot of vampire movies.. LOL)I dream of his hands holding mine, but mostly I dream of his hands on my body, stroking and caressing my throat.That sharp, metal, nail, dragging, ever, so, slowly, across my jugular vein, and down my neck, towards the valley of my collar bone. I can almost feel it now, as it slips diagonally past my tattoo, and traces an invisible line across my chest, mounting the hills of my breasts with slow precision. I can feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he whispers into my ear. I can’t understand what he says as he...
  164. mits4596788

    2021-10-14 19:11:44
    "…very, very soon, you will be kissed." Sonia moved in and gently kissed Jay. Jay face softened as she closed her eyes and received the kiss. It was a small kiss to begin with and then their lips parted and I saw the tips of their tongues meet, gently touching at first before Jay moved her hands up and, holding Sonia’s face, pushed her tongue into Sonia’s mouth. They embraced and stood there kissing, slowly at first before holding each other tight and frantically began kissing harder, Sonia holding Jay’s face with both hands as their tongues moved from mouth to mouth. Sonia, not breaking from...
  165. asdasdasw8804624

    2021-10-14 22:09:47
    " She smiled, "Believe it." "For the longest time I’ve had a crush on you. Each night that we’ve spent together, my feelings have grown for you. It’s been so long since I’ve been close to a girl. I’ve dreamed of being close to you, and now here I am lying beside you, and kissing you too! You are truly the most beautiful and amazing girl I have ever met." She hugged me even tighter and kissed me several times, giggling, "It makes me so happy to hear you say that! I have never met anyone like you before. You’re so sweet, kind, and caring, not to mention really good-looking too! For...
  166. futbog2066692

    2021-10-15 01:06:54
    "Of course, see you tomorrow." She told him as she kicked the stand and turned on the bike, she loved the sound, it reminded her of a satisfied cat to her, the way it purred.She eased back and felt the uneasiness even more. She looked at the incoming traffic and eased out right behind silver Honda Civic. It clicked in her head as soon as her bike got on the main street; she was going to be followed. The light turned red making her stop, she tried not to panic. She needed to focus, a memory surfaced. She remembered Blake telling her if she were ever followed it would be a silver or...
  167. cexygirl445845

    2021-10-15 04:20:13
    I always make sure to do the shopping around the time he comes in to sit in the cafe to eat his lunch. His strong black body looks like it will rip through the business suit he is wearing. This time he catches me watching him. He smiles at me and rubs his hand on his thick cock so I can see how big it is through his pants. Shocked that I was caught I continue my shopping.I feel a hand reach up and grab my hair and you whisper in my ear, "Did you like what you saw? " he said to me.My heart is beating faster, I can t believe he is standing behind me. I feel him reach under my skirt and...
  168. bourgeoisie1008906

    2021-10-15 07:38:16
    She was only cumming. Huge waves of cum rolled over and over her again and again. She could feel her bodily juices flow over her fingers as she stuffed them in her vagina as far as she could. Her clit instantly became ultra sensitive and she had to stop stroking it in time to my thrusts. She could feel her nipples, hard as cherry pits, and she ached to have me stroke them. Rubbing them over the sheets was all she could manage with my weight resting on her. Over and over she orgasmed. Then I slammed a long powerful lunge that drive her thighs onto the bed. She felt a forceful swelling in...
  169. zingiber8231815

    2021-10-15 10:58:54
    "Do you like broccoli?" Sara asked."Sara, I was born and raised on a farm in the country, we ate whatever momma put in front of us. I eat everything."Sara smiled, "Oh, you do, do you? And you’re a farm boy too?" Eddie blushed, then went on talking about growing up on the farm, baling hay, cutting corn, raising cattle. The more he talked, the more comfortable he became, and the more Sara was attracted to this down to earth country farm boy. They checked out and headed towards their vehicles. Halfway there, Sara’s Jersey girl assertiveness kicked in. She stopped. "Look, I barely know you...
  170. Bulwark5708186

    2021-10-15 15:42:17
    In the week after all was arranged for my new job in Savannah, I had seen a solicitor and had him draw up a separation agreement as a prelude to divorce, in the agreement I asked that our home should be sold as soon as possible with the proceeds split equally, everything else would be apportioned by ownership, I had no wish to embarrass Amanda by suing for divorce on the grounds of adultery I hoped we could divorce amicably after a 2 year separation.One evening I sat Amanda down and gave her the agreement and asked her to read and sign it, she sat silently and read it several times, when...
  171. Bulwark5708186

    2021-10-15 18:27:45
    In the week after all was arranged for my new job in Savannah, I had seen a solicitor and had him draw up a separation agreement as a prelude to divorce, in the agreement I asked that our home should be sold as soon as possible with the proceeds split equally, everything else would be apportioned by ownership, I had no wish to embarrass Amanda by suing for divorce on the grounds of adultery I hoped we could divorce amicably after a 2 year separation.One evening I sat Amanda down and gave her the agreement and asked her to read and sign it, she sat silently and read it several times, when...
  172. Bulwark5708186

    2021-10-15 21:05:48
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  1062. bdpRLSkTMB

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  1069. vvatQEgQd

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  1070. MFONjtoIYNL

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  1071. MFONjtoIYNL

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  1076. UmBuOhZDKe

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  1210. OfDNYgoOAmYKdhGo

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  1217. ZRHiFnzjJwbRzL

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  1226. KPlPJxflzl

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  1232. JtNKSEWs

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  1233. JtNKSEWs

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