Billing Policy

1. You can use premium services provided by the Administrator in order to promote your Videos and attract more users to them.

2. The administrator offers premium services such as Boost Plans, Vote plans, daily and monthly subscription packages. If you order a Boost Plan, your Videos will be raised overall free offers. They will be displayed on all pages of a column, a section, or a region. Top Videos are placed in a separate block over the ordinary Videos. Detailed information on the duration, price, payment methods and other conditions of premium services are available at:

3. To order premium services on the website, you should visit or choose a preferred premium service while creating a Video. If you use a mobile application, you should visit “Premium Services” section in your Profile or choose a preferred premium service while creating a Video.

4. When ordering premium services, you will be able to choose a payment method that is most suitable for you. If you choose to pay by card, bank transfer or eWallet, you will be redirected to the checkout page of a relevant payment processor. All data entered by you on payment screens will be secured. The administrator will only receive information that relates to the payment. If you choose to pay by cash, you will receive payment details, which you can present at the nearest bank branch and pay.

5. Administrator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the features and types of premium services, fees, and acceptable payment methods from time to time and for any reason.

6. Unless otherwise provided by mandatory rules of the applicable law, any fees paid for premium services are non-refundable due to the online nature of the services. You acknowledge and agree that we will not make any prorated refunds in the event your Video violates Terms of Use and is removed from the Platform, or when you deactivate a Video by yourself.

7. Daily and Monthly subscription package is subject to a 1 day and 1 month validity period, respectively from the date of purchase (the “Service Validity Period”). You acknowledge and agree that if you fail to use the Daily and Monthly Subscription package during the Service Validity Period, you will have neither the right to initiate or use such Daily and Monthly package nor any right to refund, compensation or replacement.

8. Other premium services are not subscription-based, therefore you should renew their validity period manually each time you need them.

9. Administrator does not guarantee any results of premium services and will not be held liable if they do not meet your expectations.

Last update: November 1 2020